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A lot more people have been spending time at home recently. Perhaps you’re an independent contractor and always work from home. Maybe you are temporarily working at home or are furloughed. Maybe you’re simply retired.

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A very interesting article. I have only one minor comment: Read the manual that came with the gun before you dry-fire, just to be sure. The manual for my 22LR pistol says, “The Ruger SR22 pistols can be dry-fired without damage to the firing pin or other components as long as the magazine is inserted.”


My GSG 1911 .22LR manual, on the other hand, highly discourages dry-fire drills. I do those with my nines and Taurus Spectrum .380 ALWAYS UNLOADED, when the wife is out of the house.
I -again, when my wife is asleep or out of the house - do drawing from the concealment drills with all my weapons as much as I can.
My wife, if you can’t tell is not “like minded,” which makes it very hard to conduct “in house” training - virus or no virus.


I was told the same thing by Ruger regarding my single-six. It seems that Ruger uses cylindrical firing pins on it’s 22’s, similar to center-fire firearms. Most others make them with firing pins that are like squared-off blades that are vulnerable to whip lash unless you use a dummy cartridge or empty case