How to Train w/o the Range

What are different ways to train with firearms, without going to the range? …with pistols, rifles, & shotguns. What areas in using firearms, can be improved that does not require you to go to the range?

Thank you for your time.

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These don’t require Range time and actually are better trained at home:

  • proper draw and grip consistency
  • pressing out to line up sights to your target to minimize time needed for sight alignment / picture
  • smooth trigger press
  • fast reloads

No advice for long guns… I don’t shoot them.


Good question. I’m sure what will come up time and time again is the subject of dry fire.

Make ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN your gun is unloaded and practice the fundamentals of sight alignment and trigger control. There is plenty of how-to info and videos online to get started.

You don’t NEED dummy rounds to dry fire a center-fire pistol but some say it can help save wear & tear on your firing pin. You can buy snapcaps on line; I had a friend who reloads make up a dozen dummy rounds without primers that I keep loaded in a magazine with the base specially painted strictly for dry fire. The primer pockets are filled with silicone. A fully loaded magazine of dummy rounds mimics the weight of your carry gun.

Look up Claude Werner (the Tactical Professor) 1,000 Days of Dryfire for tips and tricks.


Check out Navy SEAL instructor Chris Sajnog’s app, SEAL Training. There’s a free course on it, 30 Day Dry Fire Challenge, that has lots of good information.


Whatever @Jerzy said. I will add for rifle.

Aim your rifle at anything fully loaded and hold it still for 20 seconds in standing position.


A Sig Sauer 1911 BB-gun is my latest plan. It is CO2 powered and includes slide recoil. It is supposed to mimic weight and controls of their real counterparts. Hopefully nobody calls the Police on me shooting it in my backyard.


Practice movement, getting off the “X”. If you have a laser, practice staying on target as you move. With a long gun you can practice change of positions. There are some videos on YouTube, where instructor practices movement with a group, try to follow. Police bodycam footage on large screen TV can be helpful too