Dry Fire Training - the Basics

We know shooting is a perishable skill and that we need to train as often as possible to stay accurate. The cost of ammo and how difficult it is to find makes training a bit difficult - especially for those who are new to shooting.

There are numerous different dry-fire drills talked about throughout the Community that may help. Here are a few firearm handling basics that new shooters can work on at home – and always remember the four safety rules.

  • Clear your firearm - drop the magazine (with your dominant hand only), lock the slide back and confirm the firearm is clear
  • Insert and remove the magazine while making sure your barrel stays aimed at your designated target zone
  • Pick up and put down your firearm as if you were going to shoot it checking your trigger finger discipline each time
  • Get your sight picture on different targets in the room and make a note of what is around your target

What other training focused on the safety rules have you done or suggest for others?

As with all dry fire training, please train in a room that has no ammunition.