Beginner Education and Firearms Basics: Proper Handgun and AR Etiquette

I like Lenny Magill’s videos - he does a great job explaining things. I especially like videos like this for beginners because he covers lots of details with good visuals. I don’t agree with everything, and sometimes he goes over stuff several times (which is good for beginners) but this is a pretty good primmer for both gun etiquette and some basic function of firearms as a bonus.


Great post @Zee. Even experienced shooters should review the basics as part of ongoing training.


One of the great things about “beginner or newbie” conversations is that they’re a great refresher for everyone and I always remember something that may have slipped my mind or learn something new.


yep, 100% agree - always something to tighten up.


Great stuff. I’m fairly new to guns and I realized that I can take advantage of being a newbie and ingrain my brain with this habit of safety check. I’ve been practicing this at home over and over with an empty magazine. When I pick up the gun to take it to a different room, I pick it up with finger off trigger, release the empty magazine, pull back the slide twice to make sure it’s not chambered then proceed to carry it with the gun pointing down at all times. Every time I see my guns, I want to make sure I’m clearing it before I even think of picking it up.

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4 universal gun safety rules
Memorize, inscribe it into that muscle between your ears!

  1. All guns are loaded. whether they are or not. Unloaded guns have been the cause of many accidents.
  2. Always point guns in a safe direction because it is always loaded. DO NOT point it at anything you do not want to destroy!
  3. Keep your nose picker off the trigger until your ready to fire the gun, in a safe direction, loaded.
  4. Know what is behind and beside your target you are planning on shooting. What is going to stop that bullet?

A. Treat your guns as if they are loaded. See rule C
B. Always point your gun in a safe direction. See rule C and D
C Keep your finger off the trigger till you are ready to shoot. see rule A and B
D. Know what is behind and beside your target. see rule B and A

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Quite a bit slow and lengthy, but he does cover everything well. A good refresher. Thank you for posting that.

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