Magazine holder for my belt

I see them on ebay frequently, cases specifically made for different knives and tools.

I don’t see stealth magazine pouches designed to look like them though so that’s why I’m saying you’d just have to buy some and see what fits your magazine.

The Leatherman 200 and 300 are pretty big tools and might be a good place to start.

I’ve tried to find the dimensions online but haven’t been able to. I’ll have to measure mine when I get home.

I know it’s been a while but after some research I think I’ve found an alternative way to discretely carry an extra mag

I also found this but I don’t like the idea of the end of the mag being exposed inside my pocket.

I’ve been looking for you. ComfortTec has detachable spare magazine holders on their belly band holsters maybe what you are looking for?! They are attached to the belt with Velcro. Not sure if you want it but at least it’s worth a look.

So I ended up getting the ExtraCarry mag pouch.


This is it after 30 days…

Looked on the website and there is no contact for warranty or anything. Just for sales.


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You might be hard pressed to find a MT that takes up as much space as a 17 round magazine. My single stack 9mm 7 round perfectly fits into my Vic Spirit X belt pouch.

Have you considered the universal NiteIze smartphone cases that are available at HD? My phone is a behemoth (10,000 mAh battery), so I use the NiteIze XXL “Clip Case Sideways™ Universal Rugged Holsters.” I just checked, and I can fit two 17 round FNX9 magazines in it.

As a side note, with this case I can also fit a Spyderco Military next to my phone (although I never do).

Ordered this from Amazon now that I’m back in the hunt again. It looks like it may work.

Tucker Gunleather here in Houston Texas makes some very high-quality products. You may consider this front pocket magazine pouch.

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There are IWB magazine carriers that are tuckable, so you can tuck your shirt in. There are also magazine carriers that you carry in your pocket.

If an existing belt pouch for a tool can not be used, you might look to have one custom made.

A Ruger SR9 might be large for pocket carry, and a 17 rd magazine is a large magazine.


I have two of these when I carry IWB:

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Not looking for IWB holder. I’m a bigger guy and that’s not a practical option with my shirts tucked in. I was looking for something to store inside my back, or side pocket, or something for on my belt that would look like a multi tool or cell phone case without having the top of the magazine exposed like all of the OWB mag pouches do.

God… I love Texas.


Is that a hard no for IWB? The crossbreed mag holster is tuckable. Otherwise, I have a horizontal belt mounted holder that’s kinda slick.

Yep, bigger guy with a gut. I also want something I can quickly and easily remove for when I get to work, then easily put back on, as I cannot carry while on the job.

Galco makes a PMC POCKET MAGAZINE CARRIER for the SR9and SR9c that might fit your pocket requirement:

@RocketPak I have been trying to work a pocket carry mag holder into my routine. I like the way it drops out of sight in the pocket but that also causes an issue. When you are shooting from a kneeling position, such as on a knee shooting around a barricade, the angle of your leg to your waist prevents drawing the spare mag (or at least drawing it quickly). Still working on it, but I have a second mag on my ankle IFAK which would be available if I was shooting while on a knee. If you are only going to carry one mag I would look at the belt mounted options.

The Extra Carry mag pouch was working great in my back pocket until it broke…

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Get an actual case for a multi tool and use that. I use something similar for my 2 speed loaders when I carry a revolver. I have an older two way radio case that I sometimes use as a quickie holster for a smaller semi pistol. Think outside the box, many things can be used.

If you type “belt pouch” into amazon, you’ll find a ton of options. I tend not to get things too big or that mount vertically as the height can interfere with sitting, e.g. in a vehicle.

Before I found the Maxpedition AA battery pouch (for smaller EDC items) I used a horizontal mounted camera case. You can find them pretty inexpensive online or places like Wmart or BB on sale. My favorite are the LowePro cases, and have carried smaller cameras this way while traveling.

My favorite of the LowePro are clamshell cases that mounted vertically with dual zippers, as it kept it’s shape and the belt loop was generally a but more reinforced. The design limited how far the clamshell would open so things wouldn’t fall out if unzippered all the way, and zippers also offered a smooth and quiet opening and closing option. The downside was that the pullers on the two zipper would clang against eachother while walking.

Their softer cases work too, but the materials and beltloop are noticeably lighter material.

I’ve got a few of those. The problem, as I’ve stated before in this post is that you can clearly see the magazine sticking out.