Magazine holder for my belt

I see them on ebay frequently, cases specifically made for different knives and tools.

I don’t see stealth magazine pouches designed to look like them though so that’s why I’m saying you’d just have to buy some and see what fits your magazine.

The Leatherman 200 and 300 are pretty big tools and might be a good place to start.

I’ve tried to find the dimensions online but haven’t been able to. I’ll have to measure mine when I get home.

I know it’s been a while but after some research I think I’ve found an alternative way to discretely carry an extra mag

I also found this but I don’t like the idea of the end of the mag being exposed inside my pocket.

I’ve been looking for you. ComfortTec has detachable spare magazine holders on their belly band holsters maybe what you are looking for?! They are attached to the belt with Velcro. Not sure if you want it but at least it’s worth a look.

So I ended up getting the ExtraCarry mag pouch.


This is it after 30 days…

Looked on the website and there is no contact for warranty or anything. Just for sales.