What Concealed Carry Magazine Holster?

Ok, folks, I hate asking these kinds of questions because of vast amount of differing preferences, but after literally hours of research I’m lost.

My wife has gotten permission to conceal carry at her job. She has chosen a 7+1 single stack pistol. I want her to carry magazines on her person (right now she carries extra in her purse) for more ammo, but I can’t seem to find a good fit.

She wears business casual most of the time because of her position in the company, She is allowed to wear jeans when ever she can. She is spending LOTS of money getting her wardrobe ready to carry at work. I’m thinking she will need 3 or 4 options… what think Ye?

Any and all suggestions will be appreciated.


What position is she carrying in, @Danny28? Is she using a holster that has a magazine system (or is she still looking for a holster)?

A corset-type holster may be a good option to carry with a variety of clothing styles and for extra magazines.

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Well, we don’t know yet, I’m thinking non-strong side. Joan has comment on perhaps ankle (tho’ I think that maybe not the best)… I’ve suggested belly band type and corset… but we just dont know at this point… she is using a IWB holster without a magazine car. We don’t want to get into that spending all kinds of money of failures…

It’s harder to reply to this due to the prohibition on commercial links, but I’ll try. I’ve been carrying concealed for decades, even in non-permissive environments, and my wife is a retired fed.

This is an option from Urban Carry, who is a sponsor: https://urbancarryholsters.com/g3-mag-holster.html

I’ve never used the UC G3 mag pouch, but I can see how it would be a good solution in some circumstances.

Galco, another sponsor, has a number of similar OWB carriers they market as concealable, but I don’t own any of these, either: https://www.galcogunleather.com/ammunition-carriers_8_450.html

I own and have owned a BUNCH of concealed mag pouches for various hand guns from pocket pistols to full size 1911A1s, with several poly-pistol stops in between. I’ve had to dress in everything from jogging shorts and a t-shirt to jacket and tie with slacks over the years; this would include quite a bit of coveralls and other blue collar work apparel. Pretty much the full gamut. I’m thinking about biz casual options for women.

My favorite for single mag pouch for IWB versatility is the Creatrill IWB Tactical Mag Holder with magnets in them. For a micro or sub-compact single stack, these are good…and proven. We carry them frequently with single stack M&P mags in a sub-tropical climate. They are invisible and reliable as a “deep cover” mag pouch. You can use these several different ways.

The Sticky Holster Belt Sliders are another handy gadget, but the retention is not terrific. I believe they are another sponsor here. Not sure. So I won’t include a link. Their Mini Mag Sleeve and Mag Sleeve deserve a look, too.

My favorite (if she wears pants) is the DeSantis Double Ankle Magazine Pouch. I’ve used these extensively. Good value! Worthless in a skirt/dress.

A very handy gadget for her kind of stuff if she wears a belt with a cover garment is the Safariland 123 Concealment Magazine Holder.

Finally, have here take a look at Stashbandz on Amazon. They have a variety of covert pouches on thigh garters and waistbands made specifically for women who want to hide small objects on their body. I’ve never used these, nor has my wife. But I know a few women who swear by them for skirt/dress concealed carry of mags, knives, small flashlights, tiny IFAKs, etc.

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I absolutely love myTulster.

I have a couple of non-holster recommendations for you…

Ammo-Armor is my “goto” for pocket carrying mags. They cover the mag so you don’t have to worry about lint/stuff clogging up the mag. They aren’t “sticky” per se, but in most of my pockets they generally sit pretty vertical YMMV. If you are worried about fumbling around getting the sleeve off they made a video here which shows a really slick technique to get it off with minimal fuss. I’ve practiced at the range and it works really well. I have carried in both front and rear pockets depending on what else I have with me. These are USA made and reasonably priced.

I’d also recommend a look at Neo-Mag. It is a very minimalist magnetic pocket clip. The main advantage here is that it keeps your mags in the same spot and same orientation every time unlike the ammo-armor above. The downside is there is no lint/stuff protection to keep your clean. Mags pull very cleanly and smoothly out of the holder. They also make a version for holding speed strips for revolvers. I end up not really using these because the ammo-armor just fit my carry style better.

You could potentially use one or the other of these with purse carry too. I don’t think carrying spare mags in a purse is anywhere near as bad as keeping a firearm in the purse just my $0.02

From a totally different angle, have you considered something like a sidecar appendix carry? I have a G43 setup like this and its really slim and non-noticeable.

thank you all… I’ve gone to each site and will do so again with my wife tonight… there are some good concepts there… that NeoMag is kinda interesting… but that price… wow!!! they sure are proud of that thing…

Again, thanks.

Pitbull. Fit any mag on any side. easy in,easy out. Great price as well. Multiple colors to choose from.

That is the name I couldn’t remeber. I returned all of mine. They were quite terrible for single and double stack…for me. Great idea, but it just doesn’t seem to work in real life.

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This has become my favorite mag holder. It fits single stack 1911 mags as well as full size double stacks. I wear it parallel to my belt (vs vertical), I carry mine at 11 o’clock (weak side).

My “love handles” conceal it very well. It might not work for your wife though.

I like these, I’ve found they work with my shield mags and my full-size M&P mags. They’re not perfect, but they’re affordable, practical, and easy to clip on. I’ve been using these for close to a year now.

2-Pack Universal Magazine Holster IWB Clip | 9mm .40 .45 | Mag Holster For Glock 19 43 17 Sig 1911 S&W M&P | Fits Any 7 10 15 Round Clips For All Pistols | Gun Ammunition Holsters | Handgun Ammo Pouch https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07FM39LNB/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_glc_fabc_z799FbHRC5EH3

I had one of these:

It broke after six months so they gave me my money back. But I loved it up until that point.

@Ken38 I’m not saying these are the best but this might work for her. My wife & I carry extra mags on the ankle. Take a look and see what you both think. Stay safe.

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Hey @Danny28. Wanted to ask you, have you ever tried to draw from your ankle? Over the past few months I have been practicing the ankle draw. Let me tell you something, not easy. In fact, the only reason why I would ever carry a gun on my ankle is to have a second gun on me. Just in case the first one gets took away. Otherwise there is no way in hell I would try to draw from my ankle because I wanted to.

Just saying. That’s my opinion. After practicing on it every day for 2 months. I’d say it’s a strong opinion.

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Yes, you are right. There are several offerings on the market made in China and what not. I am a very big proponent of buying American…especially closely held companies like the mom-n-pops and established, veteran-owned and family-owned companies like DeSantis, whose products have NEVER failed me. But some of those foreign knock-offs are actually good values for the $$$ spent – if you don’t mind supporting communism. P.S. This is in NO WAY intended as a personal criticism of you or anyone who reads it. Just explaining my own purchasing decisions vis a vis the DeSantis version of this mag carrier.

P.S.S. BTW…the Creatrill mag carriers I mentioned are sold on Amazon and are of unknown mfg (which probably = China). But I own and use them daily, and they are a good example of low-priced good value products you can find from the import markets. So I am not a “totalitarian” on the Buy American thing, myself. :wink:

I typically use the PMC (Pocket Magazine Carrier) from Galco:

Snag-a-mag is the only that i have found that works for me and is not visible to the public

@Ken38 No problem I was just trying to give a better idea of what I was talking about and find a quick picture to explain. My wife and I got ours a longtime ago from our local gun store and they sell a lot of Uncle Mikes brand. We try to buy American also. Have a good day, Stay Safe

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