Magazine holder for my belt

I’m looking for a magazine holder that look like a multitool/utility tool case while wearing.

I pocket carry and usually have my shirt tucked in so I’m not interested in IWB holders.

I’ve been searching online for something that can hold a seventeen round mag for the Ruger SR9/SR9c.

I looked at things like the “Bucket Boss” cell phone holder but the top is open so you’d be able to see the mag sticking out.

Anyone have any ideas/suggestions?

Update: I’m looking specifically for something with a name on it that implies it’s a tool in it.

Try Sticky Holsters Website, they make what you’re looking for. I just saw that a week or so ago

I use a gerber multi tool pouch to Carry a spare magazine for my M&P shield 9 s excellent camouflage.

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Just took a look at them. Unfortunately it’s not what I’m looking for. You can still tell it’s a magazine when in the holster.

What I’m looking for is something that looks like a multitool case that you see with most multi tools. The problem I’ve been running into is that the just fold over the top and you can still see that it’s a magazine inside.

I have one of them but my SR9c is a double stack seventeen round magazine and does not fit properly. plus the base of the magazine bulges out of the top allowing you to see it’s not a multi tool.

But that’s pretty much what I’m trying to find, just bigger and some sort of fold over top that shrouds what’s inside.

The other route I’ve been thinking of going is magazine holster that goes in the back pocket.

How about a military surplus Leather ammo case for 45 caliber

Looking for something that looks like a multi tool case and not a magazine holster.

You may need to have someone custom made or maybe something like a Bluecositio at Amazon

I have one made by Galco, heavy duty nylon. Has the flap over the top. If you want something that has the name on it, go to a sporting good store that carries replacements. My Gerber one would fit a small mag, and I have a larger one that has a big multi-tool in it plus a flashlight.

I have been, the main issue I’m running into is the magazine has an adaptor to fill in the grip. This adds bulk to the end that shows easily in those cases and gives away that ist a magazine. Ideally what I’m trying to find is a pouch that covers the sides too instead of just a flap that folds over. I’ve already got magazine holders like that. I’m just trying to see if I can find something that will make it look like I’m just carrying a multi-tool back there.

Ahh, I see now. Probably going to have to go with custom made. I can’t think of anything off the shelf that would work for those. You may want to consider access in a hurry. Perhaps the front falls down when you unlatch the flap?

I personally recommend Safe2Fire horizontal magazine belt holder. Google it. Best around IMHO.

That’s fine, but I’m specifically trying to find something that gives the impression that it’s a multi tool or similar and not a magazine as I usually walk around with my shirt tucked in and it would be just sitting on my belt for the world to see.

I am not sure of the size of your mags but I will tell you that 2 mags from a Bersa Thunder 380 will fit in an old BlackBerry phone case (I use it whenever I carry that weapon).

Don’t know if this helps, but here are some photos of a 7-round single stack Sig P938 magazine in an old Leatherman Wave sleeve. The magazine measures 4" tall x 2" max width at the bottom. I’ve seen Leatherman sleeves made for 4", 4.25", and 4.5" multitools on Amazon & Ebay. Didn’t take a photo of the back, but it hangs vertical on a belt.

Spare_Holster_1 Spare_Holster_2

You’d have to do some experimenting to find out what tool case would fit your magazine but you can usually pick them up cheap on Ebay.

If you have a custom leather guy around your area you can always just get a nice leather one made. Here in “Cow Country” custom leather carriers for Leathermans, knives, Gerber Tools etc are quite common and would never attract any attention.

It would be a 17 round double stack for the Ruger SR9c.

I’m not looking for a custom or leather one. I’m specifically trying to find a multi tool case that will fit my magazine. That way it just looks like a multi tool on my belt and not a magazine.

I’m just seeing if anyone has run across one because I cannot seem to find one online.

What are the dimensions? Hight x Width x Depth?