Having trouble finding mag holders for S&W 9mm Shield EZ

I am searching through my supplier websites (including Amazon) and having trouble finding a dual magazine holder for a S&W 9mm Shield EZ. I prefer not to use Chinese made equipment. They have to be out there somewhere. Calling on my USCCA buds for help.


Tried Google?

Are you finding your mags are too “long” or too “thick” to fit in the mag holders you’ve tried so far my friend?

I’ve got a couple of extra long mags by Uncle Mike’s brand (cloth/not leather), very long/deep because they have velcro top covers, but they are clip ons, with plastic clips, which if I’m not careful with, it can almost slip off my belt.


Kydex? Leather? Nylon? Inside Waistband or Outside?

versa carry

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Try these. You can specify firearm to get the best fitting carrier.

I found most carriers too deep for my G43 mags. They fit great in the Alien Gear carriers. Left enough of the mag out so they can be removed quickly.


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I’m sure people are getting tired of me mentioning these people, but they do great work and they are local to me.

Crossbreed is where I got mine actually last week for me shield.
Shipped within a week.
There are discount codes here on the vendor page USCCA.