Is there an extended magazine for the S&W Shield EZ?

My wife and I started participating in ASI shooting competitions. She has a S&W Shield EZ with a stock mag that holds 8 rounds of 9mm ammo. She would like to not have to change mags so often and we were wondering if anyone knows of an EZ mag that can handle 10 or greater rounds.


The only thing I can find is a +1 base plate extension.


Galloway Precision and Lakeline, LLC are popular with the Kahr forum I frequent (small forum). Although I don’t have any experience with Galloway. Be aware, that both of the products linked don’t lock the slide when empty… probably not a good thing for competition.

I have a few Lakeline products, including baseplates and extensions for my Kahr. Although I haven’t had any issues with the Lakeline products (other than a swapped description for two of their base plate offerings that they said they would fix), I don’t know how durable the material is. I don’t know if the product from Gallowy you listed uses similar or different material.

A few years ago when I ordered the base plate products, the products were shipped from a third party 3D printing company. I don’t feel 100% confident in the material used, specifically at the cutouts that the bottom of the magazine “wings” slide into. The cutout means less material to support the heavy magazine springs when fully loaded. I would also worry about drops on concrete (haven’t tested this).

The company was very responsive with my questions, and they are one of the few that has offered unique options for Kahr pistols, which I am greatful. I have their aluminum magazine followers in my 9mm’s and they work well… I should try their 40 version when I get around to it.