Friday Favorite: Magazine Holders

How many magazines do you carry with you? What’s your favorite magazine holder?

I like alien gear mag carriers. Completely customizable. IWB, OWB, vertical, horizontal, canted, and tightness. Worth it IMHO.

I usually carry 1 spare 12 round magazine in an old leather Galco magazine pouch. I also keep a another two mag holder in my glovebox with (2) 17 round mags in a Blackhawk polymer holder.

What do you think of holsters with built in mag holder?
Too much in the way in an emergency or right where you want it to be?

Depends where you’re carrying honestly. I can really only see them as worth while for AIWB. If you carry anywhere else you’re making it hard to reach with your off hand which will greatly slow your reload time should you need to.

I felt it may just get in the way having to cross your body with your off hand. Now if your carrying cross draw I can see it may work.

More to the point of your question, my only problem with a holster that carries a spare mag is that, assuming your gun along with your mag is on your strong hand side, it seems it would be difficult to cross my left hand to get the magazine from the holster unless you appendix carry. Carrying at 3 or 4 o’clock and handling the magazine for a tactical reload would be near impossible.

Yes. That is exactly what I was getting at. Even with appendix carry you’ll be upsetting your strong arm hold by twisting your body just a bit and bringing your mind focus slightly off the target I would think. Reaching straight down and back with my off hand is what I was thinking I’d want to do. I can almost find the magazine there without thinking, and it doesn’t seem to alter my body set.
This is how I’ve been feeling it. I just wanted to hear from some of you to make sure it isnt just me.
Thanks for the input.
I think I’m headed in the right direction.

I agree. I train to reload, tactical and administrative, without having to look or even feel around for the spare(s) and the magazine should be in a natural position to allow inserting it into the weapon without looking. It should be muscle memory, just like drawing and holstering. Learn to do it in the dark!

What is your favorite Magazine Holder type?

Choose up to three options.

  • IWB
  • OWB
  • Single magazine holder
  • Double magazine holder
  • Holster with built-in mag holder
  • Magazine in pocket
  • Horizontal mag holder
  • Leather
  • Kydex

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