Mag Carriers

What Mag Carrier do you use?

I’ve used cheap ones off Amazon for a few years. They work, but I’m ready for an upgrade. I think I’m going to go JMCK mag carrier, but I’d love to read what the rest of y’all do.

I’d consider a sidecar, but I love my holster and I don’t always carry a spare mag. Sometimes I just need to clip the gun on and go.

Alien gear IWB or ammo armor.


DeSantis leather double an On Your Six kydex double and a Lag Tactical kydex single and a two Glock kydex singles.


JM Custom Kydex


As I carry AIWB I prefer to have my handgun and spare mag accessible to either hand. My Stealthgear USA Ventcore Appendix Plus meets all my needs. Rig is highly adjustible and holds the spare mag nicely.


Which one, if you don’t mind me asking?


Blackhawk double mag pouch .45ACP curves to the body, not exactly printable!


Tulster. Easy. Reasonably priced. Tidy.


So far just the single OWB as I’ve never been able to manage comfortably carrying two double stack anythings IWB, but I have a custom order on the way with an AIWB mag carrier from them to try


NeoMag found here.


Then, I saw this leftover synthetic leather in my junk drawer. I was able to make one that is lighter and less bulky.

Amberide (for double stack)

These are universal (right/left, IWB/OWB). The locking/friction part is adjustable and setup on the back of the magazine, not sides.

Pitbull Tactical (for single stack)

These are universal (right/left, IWB/OWB). Due to rubber tension it works for variety of magazine manufacturers.

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I’m looking at their aiwb mag rigs. They have a high and low night. So Im debating between what I think will be best.


@Scoutbob Whenever I am not carrying in my T-Rex Arms Sidecar 2.0 holster, I use a Pitbull Tactical mag carrier. It works perfectly for me since I go between carrying .40 Cal or 9mm. They can securely hold any magazine whether it is single or double-stacked. As an active USCCA member, you can get a 15% discount when ordering online. You can access the discount code from your Member Dashboard, under the Perks & Discounts tab.

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Love my Muddy River Tactical leather magazine holster.


Shown with 7-round 9mm single stack:

I use other similar knife or tool pouches for larger magazines.

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I use the JMCK too when I’m not running a sidecar. My spare mag usually goes in a pocket with an ammo-armor sleeve or a spare is in an off-body bag. I cannot put a spare mag holder on my waistline because it makes me look lopsided (I am short :wink: ).

I used to run NeoMag in the pocket as well but the top of the mag is usually visible and can lead to questions (I try to be 100% concealed/discrete) so i stopped using it. But your pocket or body shape may work better.

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