How to best conceal carry - while wearing a dress

So I have spent time researching the best ways I can conceal carry as a female. The general consensus is that the safest (or, depending what I read, the only safe) way to do so is with a good holster & excellent (waist) belt. Problem is - I only wear dresses. Not skirts either: dresses. I don’t know if I can expect to find a good method that would allow all the necessary attributes. Any ideas?

I do have a pretty good array of pieces from which to choose already: barrel lengths from one to four inches; calibers from 22 to 40 (half are 22 or 25, a 32, a few .380 & a 40-cal Glock), a few of them are revolvers…



I am definitely biologically male. No, I do not wear dresses (a Kilt is ok). :smiley: I have been around quite a few women that do carry, that also wear dresses. I can also ask my GF later what she might want to add.

What type of dresses? Are the top and bottom separate? Belly bands of some sort will come up often, and they do work. There are a lot of variations of these, and you probably will have to try several to find one that works “most of the time”.

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Before I started carrying, I was told - you would have to change your style. No more sport style, no more band shorts.
And that was 100% true.
Gun belt, long pants, loose shirts, jackets with easy access to waist -> these are the must for me know.

You can try to find the way to carry with dresses… but will this work for you in every situations?
Few options then:

  • fanny pack
  • belly waistband
  • packet carry
  • ankle holster

I bought a belly band a few weeks back that was functional for my wife, but she was not impressed with the comfort. Just got a Bravobelt in a couple days ago, and she says it is MUCH more comfortable. Has more pockets too.

a dress by definition is only one piece. that is a problem for pretty much anything that would go around my waist - it would be inaccessible.

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but how do you access said belly band with a dress- ?


I don’t think I really know what packet carry means…
an ankle holster wouldn’t be concealed in almost every situation. I am only 4’11", so I can’t actually wear a full length dress, they are at least 6" too long. When I get regular length, they are pretty long, but not nearly long enough to cover something on my ankle.

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my husband wears a kilt when attending any Boy Scout Eagle court of honor. :slight_smile:

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Oh - I should probably mention - not only am I short, I am also not exactly small around - about a size 14…

In addition to the fact that pants are very uncomfortable to me - I also cannot buy any that fit. Petite sizes are for 5’4" and under, but 5 inches under causes issues both in leg length and rise. I have always worn dresses - for almost 50 years now :slight_smile:

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My mistake - POCKET :roll_eyes:

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Ah yes, just had a visual on that one…:thinking: good point. There is a company called Undertech that has a few options. The first one that comes to mind is the spandex like shorts with a holster on the inner thigh. Not sure how comfortable that would be, but atleast you wouldn’t have to hike your dress ALL the way up…


I would suggest looking into either a garter holster or a purse designed with conceal and carry in mind.


The 800lb gorilla in the room is how big are the “girls” ? I have seen a great many things fetched out of a brassier with a child in hand and one on the hip from cell phones to wallets. If that is a plausible possible for you then a gun bra may be an option. There was a web site that may or may not still be active called “Cornered Cat” that addresses a great may ladies only issues with anatomy and dress. you may find something there. I found it when researching carry options for my kid sister who has a “bubble butt”, they had a great many options not found on Google.



I have seen advertised a bra holster and there is a woman on the video who demonstrates how to use it there’s also thigh holster or belly band. If you google or YouTube it you will find it.

There are a number of women in the USCCA headquarters who are partial to dresses (especially during summer). A number of them use a thigh holster/carry shorts under their dresses.

I’ve heard this these mentioned - but there are a lot of other great options out there as well.

Be sure to give us some feedback on what you’ve found works for you! We’d love to have more suggestions!


Did I ever get an education about ‘dresses’ last night from the GF… LOL

She said check the above like Dawn posted, has a dress section too. She said either some sort of thigh option, a Ukoala bag, or a purse is about it. A flashbang (bra) holster would not work as it is accessed from the bottom. She is not partial to those anyway.

'nuf said from me on the subject… now where did I put my tactical kilt…


I can attest that CanCan makes very durable, quality products, and the Dene Adams thigh holster shorts are really great… we will actually have a pretty unique write-up that includes the concealed carry shorts (all about carrying in dresses), coming up in the October issue of Concealed Carry Magazine Don’t miss it!!!


Cindy, my wife the women’s holster queen wears either the Dene Adams or Can Can when she puts on a dress and she has LOTS of choices to chose from.

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ok - you made me laugh. but it is a fair question. I do have a holster on a chain that I can wear around my neck - fits my derringer. I’m just told it’s not the safest way to carry. But I think it might be an option to continue at least sometimes.

between a C & D, btw :slight_smile:


I appreciate the great suggestions. I will do some more research with this information. Also I like the fun conversations. Thanks to everyone - hopefully I will have more update later. But be warned, I don’t do things quickly, so it could be a long time…

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