How do your carry when you only wear dresses

I just got my CCW in Nevada. What is a good option for a woman that don’t wear pants and only dresses or skirts? I am looking for a good way to wear under my dress.


Check out ConcealCarryGirl channel onYoutube


I wear pants only… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
but I’m guessing you will look for something like this:
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Depending on length, an ankle holster might work, but a thigh holster or a bra holster would perhaps have more options, though the bra holster would be a smaller firearm…
There is also the bellyband,

Any of these are options, and there is even purse carry but I am not a fan of off body carry.

Oh, and my manners are remiss… Welcome to the neighborhood.


This is a good question to ask. Welcome to the community. There are Youtube videos that a dress this. There are garters that you can wear as well as, belly bands that are made to go well with outfits.

I’m not going to lie. I think it’s darn funny a bunch of guys trying to answer this. Come on lady’s help @Joyce8 out. @Dawn where you at. She needs a woman’s opinion.


You see @Justin47…we, the Men do care about women… :+1:

In few days @Joyce8 will start wearing pants :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I wear a knee length dress and skirts

Thigh holsters or a bra holster or bellyband may be the best options.

There are various manufacturers and sources.

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Do you know where I can order something like this. I looked on Amazon and really don’t see much

To be honest… I’m glad you haven’t found it on Amazon…and I hope you won’t buy any holster on Amazon. :zipper_mouth_face:
Nothing against that Company…but holster have to be good, comfortable and secure .

Have you watched video recommended by @Danny28?

This is another one:

Under both videos you will find links to manufacturers / stores.

Hopefully @Beth or @Dawn can add something to this thread as experienced CC ladies :relaxed:


Some men wear dresses. My son used to wear one of these.

Thank you both of the videos help.

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First off welcome to the USCCA community @joyce8 Here’s a link for a nice ankle holster my wife uses with pants, she says it’s very comfortable and has a mag pouch,
Also here’s another youtube link that may help when wearing dresses etc.

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OK, I am a guy. I will just state what I have seen and read. They do make bra holsters. And waist band holsters. Depending on your shirt (forgive me… I always get dress and skirt mixed up), but if there is a shirt or coat over your top clothing there are many types of shirts with carry pockets. Look at 511 tactical. If you have a dress code you will have to work around that.
I worked at a state college where carry was technically legal, but policy was you cannot and you could be fired. You make choices. For 20 years I carried various ways, ankle holster, pocket holster, sometimes waist holster. A lot depended on the weather. But no one ever challenged me. Even close friends “wondered” since they knew my philosophy, but none ever asked until after I retired.
My best advice is find something with a low profile and never mention it. Dont discuss your philosiphy at work ever. Be discreet always. There were a couple times I got “Hugs” from co-workers, but none ever asked or mentioned anything.
I dont have a butt so my pants will fall down with anything even slightly heavy in the pockets. I made it a point to always wear suspenders. Always. So no one ever suspected why… it was because of the weight of the firearm. I also made it a point to wear the type of cloths that could conceal a firearm. Didnt matter if I was carrying or not… people I worked with just figured thats the way I dressed. Create a dress “norm” that allows easy carry. Dress that way always. You just train them to figure that is your norm. I always wore very lose shirts and pants and usually a light shirt over my regular shirt. Co-workers just thought I was a bum. Screw them. I dont have an ego that cares. SHTF I would have been the one possibly saving their asses.

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My wife and sister both tried the thigh holsters. They slide down throughout the day, and have to constantly be adjusted. They’re also uncomfortable in the Nevada summers.

They’ve both settled into purse carry mostly, and belt/holster with a cardigan when weather permits.

I know purse carry is frowned upon for a number of reasons. One is slow draw, 2 hands required to draw. I modified kydex holsters for them by removing the clip, and threading it to a short length of paracord, secured to a zipper inside. You can draw one handed, the holster comes off soon as you run out of length of cord.

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I like to think that I have the legs to pull it off so when I wear my kilt I wear it IWB at 3:30-4:00. :smiling_imp:

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@Joyce8 - did you ever find something that works for you? I know a lot of skirt/dress wearers who swear by Dene Adams’ thigh holster shorts (with a kydex trigger guard). I have several holsters form this company and I know the founder very well! Great products!

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No I have not found anything. I will look at this place. Thank you

Aren’t women only supposed to carry sammiches? That’s what my daughter tells me.