Anyone wear the conceal carry t-shirts?


Looking at the conceal carry t-shirts and wondering if anyone has any experience with them? Up front let me say I know carrying that way is a slower response than other forms or carry. Wearing this would be in instances where the threat is calculated to be lower or when maximum concealment was necessary. I’m looking at the UnderTech Undercover Coolux crew neck or the 5.11. TIA for any advice.


I’ve thought about buying one. Just for those times when I would need to dress in a way that is wouldn’t be able to carry. I’ve yet to encounter a situation I couldn’t get by with a tuckable holster.


Thanks for the reply 45IPAC. I was thinking it might be better in situations where I would normally have a shoulder holster. Still toying with the idea. It might be something I have to order and try for a couple of days, then decide.


My pleasure. Look into a good tuckable holster also. I’ve gone out with my wife for dinner and dancing. Dress pants, tucked in dress shirt. The whole 9 yards. The only giveaway that I was carrying, was the holster clips. Since I had on a black belt, only my wife noticed my double stack 45 in my waste band.


I do have an IWB holster I normally use for 90% of the time I carry. My shoulder holster, a DeSantis, sometimes can be seen when I wear a blazer when I am active, plus one can never take the jacket off in public if you do have a shirt tucked in (IWB) or the shoulder holster. My ankle holster is pretty much only for my AirLite and that isn’t enough defense when I’m working a safety shift at my church. By tuckable, do you mean, even with a dress shirt on, tucked in, the IWB holster isn’t seen?


On a tuckable IWB holster, you can tuck your shirt between the gun, and belt clips. The clips anchor lower in the holster, and can lean out. Your gun is inside the waistband/tucked in shirt, while the clips are all that is visible. Google tuckable IWB holster and several examples will come up. The one I have is a Flashbang Capone.

I believe Crossbreed and Galco have them also. USCCA members get a discount from those 2, among other things.


Thanks for the recommendation, I’ll look into these.


It appears to have some pretty good reviews, @Shepherd! If you do try it out, please let us know what you think!

I personally wouldn’t wear it… As a woman it would be more cumbersome to draw and I wouldn’t be comfortable with the placement. I wouldn’t use a shoulder rig for the same reason. :blush:


Being a passenger on a motorcycle, it could be a good way to carry :slight_smile: I had a Amazon gift card and it pretty much paid for the order so I’ll write a mini review of it when I get it. Worst case scenario is I send it back to Amazon after trying it on and not liking it. If 45IPAC could dance around and not have his tuckable print or showcase, then that may be the solution as well.


@Shepherd is referring to the shirts with the holster built in, @Wayne. Not the shirts that talk about carry :slight_smile:


:laughing:. I only slow dance with my wife. No FBI backflips or any of that gettin jiggy with it nonsense.


I have something similar but not that same one. The one I have uses velcro on both sides so you can place your gun and extra mags on either side. the down side is the "holster does not have the retention strap (but one can be made if you wanted) Mine is also not meant for a full sized gun but I have carried a Bersa 380 as well as a 9mm Walther PPS with no issues.


Does it need a retention strap if it’s worn under another shirt, @DBrogue? Is the firearm tight in the shirt with the trigger securely covered? :thinking:


@45IPAC, no backflips?! Is it really dancing if you don’t do the FBI Backflip?! :rofl:


@DBrogue One of the reasons I like the one I linked to is that it has the velcro retention strap and isn’t just a pocket like some of the others. I’d be worried it would pop out when running.


Yes it is secured and yes the trigger is covered but, it depends on your activity level. Ever gone to a carnival and gotten on a tilt-a-whirl?


The Geezinslaw Brothers have my song :grin:.
Here’s what I was talking about.
1st pic is T-shirt tucked in

2nd, all I did was untuck my shirt around my EDC

3rd is the clips clearance from the leather, 4th is how a shirt fits between the empty holster and the clips.


Only another carrier would even consider those clips are from a holster!


@45IPAC My Old Faithful IWB holster is like that as well, but I’ve never been comfortable with the way it looks tucked in. When I wear my shirt tucked in over the weapon and under the clips, it screams this guy is carrying :grinning: I am probably not folding my shirt or tucking it in properly so who knows. Thanks for the photos demonstrating how you wear it. I’ll have to rethink my issues now…


I have one that has a pocket instead of that holster. It works and is comfortable the only thing to be concerned about is accessing it quickly. Either have snap buttons or buttons you can tear off.