Anyone wear the conceal carry t-shirts?

One of the guys I know that recommends the shirt leaves his second from the top to 4th buttons undone and wears a tie, he swears you can’t really see that his shirt is unbuttoned and it makes it easier to access that way. I don’t know him well enough to know if he practices getting access with it that way or he just perceives he can.


I wanted to update those that may be interested. I ended up with the undertech undercover. I thought the strap retention would make it easier to retrieve the weapon instead of reaching into a pocket. While I don’t know if this is actually true, my perception is that it would be.

I spent some time chatting with Undertech since I am right on the line between a large and extra large. They recommended the extra large. The shirt is tight with out being too tight. One feature that I really like is the length of the shirt tail. I like wearing tall men sized t-shirts so that I am not dealing with a t-shirt that rides up and comes untucked.

The retention strap on the holster area hooks on with a metal clasp and after two times wearing it, one very active, it has not come undone at all. I don’t know why, but I initially thought the strap would be velcro and was worried at first the metal clasp would not hold as well. Thinking about it, a velcro strap would be harder to undo when retrieving your weapon. The holster material does not bind or cause undue friction and once the strap comes off, it is easy to retrieve. As discussed, it is not a quick draw scenario type holster. It is more a move to cover, accessing the weapon while moving and getting to safety, then dealing with the situation.

Three items that may concern others that may be interested in such a garment. The stretch fabric allows slight up and down movement of your weapon if you have a heavier pistol. Your firearm does not move a lot but you feel it as you briskly walk or run. I don’t think an AirLite S&W would move at all, but both times I wore a 40 cal. Sig. The second concern is even with a subcompact Sig, it prints slightly under another shirt. Not a lot, but if you turn your torso to the opposite side you carry on, it draws the top shirt tightly over your gun. I think only another concealed carry person would note the print though. The third area of concern is the magazine pocket is horrible, if you bend over, it falls out. There is no retention strap and even though it is a stretchy material, it doesn’t hold a spare mag very well. I carry my spare in my pocket so it doesn’t affect me. The good features out weigh the concerns, so I will be keeping the garment and continuing my assessment of it.

For me, this is a better option on a motorcycle instead of a shoulder holster so I can take my jacket off when I arrive where I am going.


Ulticlips “snap” to your waistband behind the belt and allow you to tuck. I’ve swapped almost all of my IWB holster clips to Ulticlips. Still recommend a good gunbelt.


Thanks @BrophE, I’ll check them out.

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Basically it’s a built in shoulder holster, still needs to be covered with a shirt or jacket.

Personally I wouldn’t want to carry anything other than perhaps a small backup gun in that configuration.

Since you’d need to wear a shirt over these when not wearing a jacket to look normal in public they don’t make sense to me unless you’re in a very casual environment where wearing an unbuttoned shirt over a T shirt they just don’t make sense to me.

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They actually make sense for women - you can wear them as an undershirt with a scoop-neck T or half-unbuttoned or low cut blouse over the carry T. Reaching inside the neckline to access a small firearm right at your armpit is entirely doable. Reaching with your carry-side (weak) hand to hold clear the neckline of the shirt is a very natural thing to do - we reach there to adjust bra straps and such all the time so it’s already in our muscle memory to some degree.

Of course, like anything, you’d want to practice your draw from those clothes to be sure you can get to the firearm and get it clear quickly and reliably.

The two downsides I see are 1) it’s a sweaty place to keep a firearm, and 2) some of us have more trouble reaching around The Girls than others. I’m thinking this might be a better option for small- to medium-chested women, although admittedly bigger girls provide more concealable cover.

I have one of these Ts but I haven’t used it - the G21 just really isn’t concealable under an arm no matter how big your girls are. :laughing: Once I have the G30, we’ll try that trick again and see if it works.

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Yep, some of the best I’ve seen for women particularly those who are “overly blessed” are some purpose built bras that have a holster built in between for bug guns, or even just below in a cross draw position.

Let’s fact it, it’s not at all uncommon to see such women having to “shift” things around with some frequency so it really helps to mask a draw.

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Oh so nope! I would not be comfortable having to reach into my neckline to access a gun. Noperoni!


So I have been known to carry keys or cash in the ‘holster’ on that carry T… not having any issues reaching in there to get to them :smiley: If I had an EDC that it worked for I’d definitely be taking it for a spin.

You pretty much described every male in Colorado including some business dress codes with the exception of people in uniform, ministers, or politicians. The only thing that changes is the weight of the outer shirt depending on the outside temps.


I’d say that’s probably the norm only at the higher elevations. Not what I’ve ever seen on the eastern slope below 5,000’ in the summer with the possible exception of very early in the morning and very late in the evening.

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Living here only a couple of decades, I can’t speak to what the people in the roughly 100 mile stretch of Colorado that is under 5000 feet on the eastern side do regularly, or eastern plains as we call it here, so I’ll take your word for it. You are also right about the two to three months of summer, you usually don’t see people running around in two shirts unless it is early morning or late evening. For the rest of the 9 to 10 months of the year, we’ll have to agree to disagree that these type shirts might be a good option in certain situations.

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Oh the rest of the year that’s for sure and for certain, it just varies with how many more layers are added and subtracted throughout the day.

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