Tucking in shirt iwb tuckable holster

How many people actually tuck in their shirt while wearing an iwb tuckable holster? Advantage or disadvantaged? I’ve read some pro and con about this.


I didn’t know that there was a IWB holster for tucked in shirts. I periodically wear a shirt and tie and just tuck using my existing IWB holster. What’s the difference?

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Always tuck my shirt, never felt good without tucked shirt.


I do. I’m a deacon at my church, and some events are “jacket and tie” for the deacons. So, tuckable it is. The on,y person who has ever noticed anything, was a fellow deacon, that also carries. He’s also on the security team with me. Oh, and he’s a retired SWAT member. He noticed the clips on the holster over my belt, once I took my jacket off. He knows I always carry, and was looking intently for how I pulled it off when I dressed nice. He knew about tuckable holster, and just wondered which particular one I used.


The picture is fuzzy. It was taken from the balcony, when I was ordained. I’m carrying my .45, a spare 8 round mag, an assisted opening 3.5 inch blade knife, my phone, truck keys, keys to my wife’s car, and wallet.


Tuckable leaves a deep gap between holster body and clips that is deep enough to tuck your shirt over the gun/holster but behind the clips/waistband/belt. That way only the clips are visible, and there’s no bunched up material around the firearm to give it away.
One guy who’s not a fan:


When wearing a jacket in formal dress, I prefer a shoulder holster. I believe it is easier/faster to draw, especially when seated.



Crossbreed is easy enough to find in many retailers or online. Able to have a shirt tucked in effortlessly.


I have a Crossbreed supertuck and tuck on occasion (when I really want to portray I’m not carrying) but prefer to use it untucked.

The main difference (for me) is the draw from tuck. You really need to practice it, because you’re going to really need to clear that shirt (at least I do). I’m much more “aggressive” with my shirt clear when I’m tucked than I am when it’s untucked because I have to pull the shirt not only out of the tuck clips of the holster, but out of my pants/belt.

So when I do tuck, I make sure to minimize the amount of material around the holster and cheat a little on my strong side by not tucking my shirt as deep in my pants as I do on my weakside (or if I wasn’t carrying).

Hope that all makes sense. All that to say if you’re going to tuck…make sure you practice your draw from the tuck and don’t cheat when at the range.

That’s been my experience.

Post Script Edit:
Advantages: really projects that you’re not carrying, don’t have to worry about your firearem showing if you reach up to a shelf or something (although the holster clips are evident to anyone who knows about those things, but undetectable by the average person.

Disadvantages: More complicated draw, potentially slower draw time, increased chance of draw/clothing malfunction…

Which is why I prefer to carry untucked (for me function trumps fashion), but there are times when tucked is more desirable look just make sure you practice. (have I mentioned that yet?)