Everyday cover shirts?


I avoid tactical ‘shoot me first’ pants and shirts like the plague. I have always worn baggy jeans, which works fine since I carry iwb. My problem is finding a cover garment that will work without radically changing my ‘style’. I always tuck my shirts in. Any ideas?

Favorite Tactical Pants?

Great question, @Henry_A! I think it deserves it’s own thread so people can find your question easier. Can’t wait to hear what the Community suggests!

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They’re pricey but ScottEVest makes some shirts that might interest you, Henry. Lots of hidden pockets and they’re very generously cut. Might you be willing to switch to an untucked “camp style” shirt that’s made to be worn untucked?


Do you have a tuckable holster? I can carry in dress pants, shirt tucked in without any trouble. Checked print shirts are your friend. Sport coats can help conceal even the largest “handgun.” In this picture, I was fully armed, and even without the sport coat, danced with my wife.


Thank you for the suggestions, gentlemen. I would be interested in a shirt that is designed to be worn untucked. I think that wearing a shirt untucked that is designed to be tucked in looks ‘tacky’. Sportcoats would not work for me. Where I live, even the mayor wears jeans, cowboy boots and a western shirt. I’d stand out like a 3 dollar bill at a poker table.

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Welcome to the Community, @BoohonkusKJones! Are these the vests you’re referring to? https://www.scottevest.com/#modal

They have a ton of different options! Not designed for concealed carry, but definitely could be useful as such.

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I just checked out the scott-e-vest. They look nice, but those guys are a lot taller and skinnier than I am!!
They ARE pricey! Plus, they do not look like they would work for summer wear (occasional triple-digit temperatures). I was thinking of a lightweight leather vest that I could wear open and still cover my rig.


P.S., I’m 5’7", 200 lbs with a very short torso (think long-legged midget.)
Thanks Again!


While a lot of people cringe at the thought of carrying OWB I feel this is a good place to bring it up.
I don’t have a handy link to the article, but I do remember reading one by Massad Ayoob where he ran an experiment. He dressed in black business casual clothing, tucked shirt, etc and carried OWB for awhile with a black handgun and holster. Keep in mind he was running an experiment and was looking to see if people noticed. Only one did, a little girl who tugged on her dads pant leg and pointed it out. Her dad recognized Ayoob and told her “It’s ok, he’s a police officer.”

In todays world very few people have any situational awareness whatsoever. If you want to tuck your shirts in, try this. Another option is Appendix IWB. I’ve been seeing more and more videos of larger guys carrying AIWB with a proper holster for it. A black shirt and appendix carry could work quite well, especially since a lot of guys won’t “look at another dudes junk”.

Just throwing some ideas put there for ya. I’m considering spending the extra money on a Spencers Keeper holster, they specialize in AIWB holsters. I’m just afraid I’m too large to carry that way.


Hi, Spence,
I do have an owb holster on order. I might try it with my summer clothes (typically jeans and a teeshirt, although I occasionally wear a button-up), but I was planning on using it in the winter…but then, I could always go ‘open carry’…


OWB is great - and open carry can work well too. I would just ask that if you do carry that way, please be sure to use the right type of holster for open carry. It should be a level three retention holster.

Be safe out there!

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In cooler and cold weather I wear an Irish tweed vest with an IWB holster at 3 o’clock and my shirt tucked in. I don’t know if you are a vest guy but it hides my Sig nicely with out shouting that I am carrying. Here is a dress shirt company made to be worn untucked, they look a lot better than just wearing a dress shirt untucked.

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@Dawn, you shocked me!! I did not think that the USCCA approved of open carry ( which is why you are the USCCA and not the USOCA):grinning: I assumed that open carry situations were not covered by you. @Shepherd, my ‘3 season’ (fall/winter/ early spring) rig is a tucked shirt, my IWB rig, and an insulated vest or denim jacket (topped with a Stetson, of course!) I plan on usimg my new OWB rig in the winter, and going IWB in the summer. Those shirts look cool, I might try them!

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We approve of people defending themselves in a responsible and legal manner - open or concealed or with any legal weapon.

I totally believe in carrying responsibly - if you’re going to open carry please do so responsibly and use a retention holster. I do prefer concealed carry for the element of surprise and to blend in.

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Doesn’t camouflaging your weapon count as “concealed”? :grin:

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Good question!
P.S.: Thanks for explaining the USCCA viewpoint on open carry. I stand Corrected.

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Check your state’s requirements for concealments. Most require the firearm to be covered completely. I am not familiar with any laws allowing camouflaging instead of concealing.

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Camouflage doesn’t equal concealment. What I said was meant to be taken as “If they don’t see it, it’s as good as hidden.”
If you’re in an open carry state then this could be an option if you like to keep your shirts tucked in.

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