Lifetime Membership

How would it play out financially? Mostly alot of folks would be able to pay as they go. But they would be the same that couldn’t come up with a large chunk of change. I guess I would use something I heard at a Harley dealer years ago. Guy was talking to finance manager at the dealership. I heard all he cared about was how much the monthly payment was. Not how much he had paid
on the end. :us:

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That’s the thing.

An honest life membership will usually pay off for the member if you:

  • really expect to be a member for life,
  • realistically expect the organization to continue as long as you do,
  • trust the organization to not change the “contract”; and
  • can afford the buy-in.

Inflation and etc will inevitably drive dues up over time. Divide the buy-in by the current annual dues, and look at how many years ahead you are paying. If you and the club will still be around then, it’s almost certainly a long-term win to get it out of your checkbook now.

The advantages for the organization are:

  • they have all your money now — to invest or capitalize or whatever their growth plan calls for;
  • you have “gifted” them the money they would otherwise spend on retention;
  • they have your “head count” more or less forever.

Some organizations even sweeten the arrangement with installment payments toward the large fee and/or a “life expectancy” price schedule. If they are a charity or fund-raising entity, they will probably keep after you to chip in more — you need to be able to say yes or no to the pitch.


All very good points

I am a member of several firearms organizations. Two of them a life member and yet still get PESTERED for more money monthly. I will stick to annual.

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Are young…

Well, that makes the amortization easier, but probably makes the outlay harder. Maybe also harder to guess whether an organization, its integrity, or your affinity will persist.

I think the math will usually work out if you’ll be in it for another 20 years. If you don’t think you’ve got that much time, it might be more of a gift to whatever cause the organization represents.

For folks who think a fundraising organization will quit hassling you if you pick one class of membership or another — :rofl:. Maybe if you find the path to register a hard opt-out. NRA finally gave up on mailing me appeals after a few decades; 2AF thinks I should “renew” or make a “special emergency contribution” every week or two. :roll_eyes: But the CID-blocked phone banks will never stop, because TCPA.

Deciding when enough is enough is the job of the giver, not the asker. That’s just how it works.

Well said.

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I think it’s a good idea but pay one time fee for a lifetime of everything