Lifetime Membership

What do folks think of a “lifetime” membership for the USCCA? I’m thinking something similar to the NRA’s lifetime membership. Even if you still had to pay annually for the insurance but got lifetime access to the content, what would people say?


Much more likely if it included all.


Not the best model for “lifetime.” There are at least four levels of NRA “lifetime” membership and they constantly bug the heck out of you to upgrade to the next level. It is aan ongoing money stream for them, not a true lifetime membership.


Or IF you have an annual membership fee for people who cannot get the insurance! Do you mean that people who want to utilize the knowledge and training that the USCCA provides like no other but, as long as you do not have the insurance because the state you live in sucks? This way you can support the USCCA in a different matter of form and maybe even train others as an instructor? Would not this make the USCCA a stronger platform for the second Amendment and safe and responsible gun owners? This would also bring more income to the USCCA and maybe even give them the ability to offer even more than what they do offer to which that would be insane! :grin: :thinking: :thinking: :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


@Craig_AR, I’ve noticed that. I thought I had signed up for a lifetime membership and when Instarted digging, I noticed there were other types. I was a little confused on that. I will say this, I think the NRA has a corporate governance issue but they are one of the largest advocacy groups, so it’s like, “What do you do?”

As for the learning content, I just can’t see paying that top tier amount year after year and the content probably doesn’t change that much from one year to the next and when it does, it most likely a gradual change. Those are my thoughts at least, not trying to challenge anyone. I just wanted to post this so it may get the USCCA thinking. I know a lot of people posted about the unlimited liability coverage. So as the saying goes, “Don’t ask, don’t get.”

@Todd30, I didn’t think of that point either. There are some states where the insurance isn’t permitted. I suspect though the bulk of the annual fee is going to content and lobbying.

@Brad, what do you mean?

Lifetime coverage and training.

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I think the NRA lifetime membership was one of several things that weakened the NRA in the last 20 years.

I’m a lifetime member myself and I wouldn’t advise the USCCA to go that route.

How do you figure?

It’s just my opinion but, once an organization stops that steady stream of income and it’s coupled with mismanagement of assets, it weakens the organization over time. As you probably know, once paid up in dues, a Lifetime Member doesn’t really have to send money into the organization.

I’m sure many do continue to support the organization. However without a steady stream of income, they have to lean pretty hard on Life Members.

Just my own personal opinion.


You don’t need to be a USCCA member to be an instructor, of course


Good point.

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Which is how a properly run life membership program is supposed to work.

By paying dues decades ahead, the Life Member has funded a sort of micro-endowment. That money should never be spent by the organization, but managed to produce an annual income stream equivalent to dues forever — not just for the lifetime of the member. And the organization is spared the perpetual expense of marketing renewal/retention to life members. And the organization can claim the support of that member population — no matter how much we get to whining about how things are being run onto the rocks.

Sure, they can keep fishing for bequests and inventing new classes of membership to entice those with an extra $1000 to drop on a $5 belt buckle — and many will increase their support by service to the cause, etc. But the basic Life Member contract is a self-sustaining steady stream of income, or should be. Mismanaged, of course, it would be a long-term obligation to keep sending out a magazine long after the money has been pissed away.

USCCA is certainly a marketing machine, but that model might not work for them. I have enrolled in several life membership programs with satisfaction, but I don’t know if I’d go for that one.


Just yearly membership without the Insurance coverage for those that live in the Lacking states that can’t get a membership so we can support such a great organization. No lifetime memberships though! I would pay a good price to have the access to the training.

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And which is exactly the opposite of what the NRA has been. Improperly managed.

They took our (mine) Lifetime membership funding and squandered it in my opinion. You know, like the crooks in Washington have done with our Social (in)Security money.


USCCA General Membership $299.00 a year OR $29.00 a Month
Includes the Conceal carry Magazine
access to online training and qualifications to Level 2
Situational awareness Video
When to use deadly force video
New training every month

What do you think of this idea?

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I’d much prefer that after so many years as a member one would convert to lifetime without a fee.


Several Freeemason Grand Lodge jurisdictions take such an approach. I think it is after 50 years of being a dues-paying member, you get grandfathered in as a life member and don’t have to pay additional dues.

The 50 year membership is what National Ski Patrol does. I know several people that have reached that level.