Liberal, black , Christian democrat gun owner here to say hi

This is either going to go really bad or really interesting anyone want to talk? About me new gun owner ( last 7 months) why? I like guns always have as a kid favorite show was mail call and other old history channel weapon programs. Currently own two ,Springfield xdm elite and Taurus g3c ( my carry gun) . Looking to get a rifle when the price go back to normal. I’ll stop I’m starting to ramble.


Welcome aboard!

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Ehh no prefer to be an individual, also she is catholic I believe.

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Thank you.

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There are a few liberals on here. They don’t usually abuse us. :wink:


What rifle are you looking to get? Prices go back to normal – I don’t know about that; inventories maybe.

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Welcome. Firearms do not care about your background, political affiliation or what you identify as. Practice responsible gun ownership. Have a nice day.


Ar-15 , looking at Springfield saint model( love my xdm) but would settle for m and p sport 2 because of price.


M&P 15s have nice reviews. Don’t know if you are looking to equip it with optics, becomes a nice chunk of the budget.

Yeah I have heard probably would start with a red dot site first than weapon light.

@BigJ - Welcome to the Community…

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It’s a pity this thread involves politics again…

Why? Does it give you a satisfaction? Don’t make this Forum another Facebook.


While true, the originator did title it politically.

Not sure what color has to do with it, but he did say he was a liberal… not sure if he meant classic liberal or a modern progressive liberal… but that is for another discussion.


OK, I deleted my comment. Please let me know what your rules are so I don’t offend you anymore.


Thank you

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Yep, he threw race, politics and religion into the thread… Yet, I’m not allowed to respond with facts.


Its the internet, the World Wide Web of outrage. Your avatar alone, in some circles, would be considered offensive and extreme. If chosen, the internet can be the virtual universe of anger and manufactured outrage.

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The title was meant more as an introduction to myself. A title of hi I’m a good owner would be kinda of ordinary on forum for conceal carry insurance

No anger in my posts, just facts.


Nope, He/she said 'HI" :wink:

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