Dem or Repub?

The moderators rejected my first attempt to start this discussion, so let’s see if this one makes it through. I’ll choose my words more carefully…

Of the percentage of criminals, how many to you think would identify as Democrat vs Republican or Independent?

Hopefully this doesn’t offend the moderators…

I’d guess ninety % have never voted


Common criminals, or the ones with offices in Washington?


I doubt they actually care about politics.


I am going to guess Republicans because the majority of gun owners I would guess are republicans; therefore the majority of people on this sight are republicans and I wouldn’t want to say someone was a criminal unless they have a chance to defend themselves.

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So…you just called a site full of republicans criminals cuz they own guns?

I don’t think anyone will take your bait. :joy: :laughing:


I think it’s important to remember that, generally, people use the word criminal to simply mean one who has violated a law.

Does breaking the speed limit count? Rolling through a stop sign?

Having a knife with a 2.1" blade in your car in the parking lot of a college football game in Georgia ten years ago?

Giving a gun to your daughter who lives in another state without going through an FFL?

Having a magazine for your gun (just the magazine, that’s it no gun no ammo) in your car when you drive through a different state?

Lots of things are criminal acts.


:fishing_pole_and_fish: proven criminals are in jail and I don’t think they are allowed to vote. That is my answer.


but are ALL proven criminals in jail?


What? Post up when you find out the answer. (Admittedly, I don’t get this thread.)


Admire your knowledge of codes. Think we’re neighbors. Proud of it.

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Criminals A-Z, by many definitions, white-collar + blue-collar, in the broad sense; I’ll guess 33.3% D, 33.3% R, 33% Independent or Non Partisan, thus not far from reflecting society.


Hahaha criminals, hahaha

@Gary406 Hmmm! Very good question. Just by chance, maybe, don’t know, but could there possibly be a percentage of criminals that may identify themselves as Independemopublican? :roll_eyes: :thinking:

I assume you did not intend to appear to be impolite and foolish by impugning all of us as being criminals, but posted your comment in jest. I suspect that, though many may be politically to the right, even those might not be Republican, such as myself. Rather than cast aspersions at those you do not know, do some quick, simple research. You are at this site, so I suspect you are able to use a computer. It took me far longer to respond to your foolish post than it did to do a search and read results. A 2021 Pew study shows that about 50% of those that stated they personally own a firearm are Republican. Please also note that this poll was not of known criminals.

Most likely, as with other crime demographics, one will find that in a place that is mostly one party or the other, so are the criminals. A more accurate method to determine party affiliation of criminals, as I did not find any studies on criminals and party affiliation, would be to look at the demographics based on crime stats and where those crimes occur. I suspect you would not find the results you implied based on your post. Lastly, firearm-related crime is not the most common type of crime, that alone shows the fallacy of your post.


I would say no because If I understand correctly, There are Felons still serving in Congress


I am a Republican voting independent. But I tend to vote for those I think understand and support our Constitution. Common sense is also a requirement for me :us:


Websters 2 Definitions I picked up

1 One who has committed a crime.

  1. A person who has committed a crime.

Not sure if these cover it as I think there are other defintions.

I would say since the Dems are largely anti-gun which equates to pro-criminal and their propensity to attack law enforcement any chance they get, a criminal would find the Dems to more personally aligned than a Repub would be.


In terms of a meaningful answer, it seems like there are a number of problems with the way that question is formed. But, generally speaking, I see no reason percentages would not be more or less in line with the public as a whole. Which seems to vary from week to week and pollster to pollster.
The trend seems to run along the lines of:
R = 25%
D = 30%
O = 45%

Is there a reason why the answer could be useful, educational, or entertaining? As @Nathan57 points out, there is no way to even know what you are counting? Infractions or felonies? Accused or convicted or undetected? Legally or rhetorically? According to who? Incarcerated or history? Registered or voting or tweeting? Only individual persons? — or bots and trolls and corporations and RICO, too?