Anti-Gun Republicans?

New here hoping that posting this does not go against any rules or protocols. Please remove if this is a violation.
I do visit the Guns and Gadgets channel often in my effort to stay informed. As responsible firearms owners and second amendment champions we all need to stay as informed as we can.
FYI Guns and Gadgets is a supporter of USCCA.


Yup, I hope the Impeachment goes’ thru. It’s not gun control it’s people control. :+1:


Votes count – letter writing counts also.

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Yup, the Wife and I have been writing, e-mailing and calling in our State also. :+1:

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Thanks for doing that.

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  • all Republicans are pro-gun
  • all Repubs are constitutional conservatives
  • all Repubs are patriotic
  • all Repubs are against corruption

I would never mention this to my Cuban coworker, he would probably start a fistfight with me :slight_smile:


There are always exceptions to everthing

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Other Myths:

  • all Dems are anti-gun
  • all Dems are constitutional liberals
  • all Dems are anti-patriotic
  • all Dems are corrupt

And here’s some truth as I see it. This only pertains to Dems holding public office.
They are anti-gun
They are not liberals anymore
They don’t care about the constitution
They don’t care about America
The ones on top of the heap are corrupt & lastly I’m
pretty sure one of them is satan’s grandmother.
Just me…


In addition to your list, let’s not forget all the good things they represent
their blood lust,
pro crime agendas,
pro rape,
pro murder,
pro arson,
pro looting,
pro pedophilia,
pro communism,
pro dictatorships,
pro destruction of the American way of life,
pro gangs,
pro drugs,
pro job killers,
pro death camps,
pro baby killers,
pro coronavirus,
pro anti-gun Republicans,
pro stupidity!
They are the antithesis of the US, they are ISIS/Al-Queda in sheep’s clothing, they are the devil, and godless!
There’s so much to be proud of!
The proof is in the election! No myth, no joke!
If they didn’t elect him, WHO DID? C’mon man!
You get what you wish for, no myth!
Want to prove me wrong, vote wisely! Or suffer the coming dark winter (not my words).
You chose him, you live with him! Now you can start writing your representatives to oust this flaccid brained fool!
Good luck!
Me, I’m done, can’t beat a cheat, once the cards are removed from the table and the stack is stolen!

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Gary5 that was awesome! I pray on able to get guns&gadgets online In Jesus Name! That looks great to watch! Thank you, Gary!

Thanks for finishing the list.

I hate the phrase “anti-gun” used to describe politicians. They are not anti-GUN. They are anti-Second Amendment, anti-2A — they oppose “regular folks” having guns. Trust me, they want all the guns. They strongly support THEIR right to have guns and armed employees protecting their stuff and their families. They just don’t want US to be able to do the same.

Fear the politician who fears your gun!

It’s an old proverb, my friends. Donald Trump isn’t pro-2A. He is in favor of rich folks and cops having guns. He’s not even pro-4A or 5A. Mitch McConnell isn’t actually a big fan of YOUR 2A rights. There are a whole lot of Republicans who believe in liberty for themselves, but not for the rest of us. And they believe they should get to choose who is “in” and who is “out.”

Folks need to wake up and get serious.

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It’s always about the power. These days the mob makes the rules, not the people. Emotions are the rule of the day. The media plays up to it for ratings…

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@Ken8 you just not have seem President Trump’s about OUR Second Ammendhet Right and that it is a God given Right. It was great!