Let's see your new gun!


My new Glock


@Raymond :heart_eyes: ooooooo :heart_eyes:

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So we were thinking that at not quite 6 it’s a bit too early to get the great grandbaby her first gun. But one of the other vendors at the farmer’s market where my granddaughter is selling her (yes, gun-themed) custom tshirts decided we were slacking and gave her one.
The great grandbaby has her first gun.


My travel suitcase! !


Beautiful weapon.


@Raymond, Just don’t travel through New Jersey like that. Loaded clips is a No-No is our state and some others too. Looks like a neat travel case though.

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I really enjoy shooting the 19X. I personally think it’s the most accurate Glock I’ve ever shot.


I have a lot of Glocks and some S&W and a mixture of other handguns, but my hands down favorite for shooting and my everyday carry is my Walther PPX


A question: Do you find that modern firearms are not accurate, or do you mean that you shoot them better? For me, Glocks and 1911 feel terrible in my hands, so I shoot them poorly, but Beretta and Walther show up like they were made for me.


I’m weird in a way, I guess. I’m decent, and I stress decent, with just about anything I pick up. There are two guns that make me look amazing though, a CZ-75 and a West German P226. At times I’ll shoot several different types of handguns in a range session, but I always finish with my carry. Right now, that’s a Glock 19. I’ll be the first to admit that Glocks are strange for their grip angle, but I think with practice anyone can shoot anything well.


I haven’t shot a PPX, I do like the PPQ and if it’s anything like it I understand. I’m not a brand fanatic, I like them all!


I’d rewrite that as “Glocks are perfect for their grip angle” :wink:
I can pick up anything in Glocks inventory and it’s easy for me to be accurate, right from the first shot… the angle fits my hand perfectly and the sights are just where I expect them to be.


LOL! I’ll be the first to admit, I really hate Glocks 20 some years ago. I cut my teeth on Berettas, SIGs, 1911s and revolvers. I had no choice in what I carried, I was “stuck with a Glock”. I could shoot it, but I “didn’t like it”. I belt ached and complained constantly. I never really practiced with it and hardly took it to the range. Later on, I saw them for what they are, a good reliable tool. I practiced with them and added them to my range day rotations. Now, I can shoot just about anything I pick up after a few practice draws and looking down the sights. It’s mind over matter, but I still end with my carry each session.


The trigger drag and follow through on my Walther is absolutely second to none. I am currently looking to buy a Walther PPQ Match 5 and the Walther Creed. Love them as much as my Glocks if not more.


I just bought a magazine extender for my G43 to increase the length of the grip a bit. Plus 2 mire rounds can never be a bad thing.


Cool. Did you use the link for Strike Industries? I think it is the best extender I found yet. Good luck with it. I haven’t got to range with my new configuration yet. Maybe next week.

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Yes sir I did.


Yesterday got a Colt King Cobra 357 mag- 3" barrel, 6 RND and will take it to the range tomorrow morning for the first time! The trigger pull, feel and weight of the gun = exquisite!


Very nice! I can’t wait to hear the range report.

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