Got a new toy. “OUCH”

Howdy y’all. I bought a new toy to play with and took it to the range the other day. I’m usually a Smith & Wesson or Ruger semi-auto guy, but I bought a Taurus 605, .357 revolver to have fun with. Had a great time and a huge blister. I ran through about 250 rounds to break it in. It’s a tough little gun. Seems to be well made.
Next time I take it out to the range I’ll use 38’s, but I wanted break it, and me, with .357. A lot of firepower in a small revolver. Not bad for under $300, but as for EDC I may stick to the semi-auto.


Howdy @Mike. Yay! New firearm! :smile: we have the same revolver. We had a small issue with ours after awhile. Nothing major! Don’t worry. @James has a trick we learned from Taurus. A 2 minute maintenance technique. I tagged him here. Shouldn’t take long for a response. Want to help a fellow 605 owner! :smile:

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Yep, the yoke retaining screw starts to back out after a couple hundred rounds, a dab of super glue or blue loctite will help that issue. I want to say I have 1000 or 1500 rounds through mine, and no problems, besides that one issue.

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Hi @James. Forgive my ignorance, but what is the yoke retaining screw?

The little screw under the cylinder on the right hand side of the revolver. There’s a spring and a little pin behind it so be careful taking it out. In your owner manual there should be more detail including a drawing of what you’ll be looking at.

It might not be an issue on yours, but it was on mine and a couple other people’s from the forums I read.


Thank you @James. I’ll feel a little smarter now : )


I’m a very visual person, so I googled:


@Dawn. You are just too good. That’s why we love you