Taurus 605

I feel like talkin’ about guns today for a change. Taking a break from all the political stuff.
I just bought my first Taurus. I wanted a medium sized revolver, and after searching around I decided on a five shot Taurus 605 .357/38 stainless. Thought it would be a nice change from the semi-autos. I’ve read and seen reviews, but I wanted to see if any of my brother and sister USCCA members had any thoughts or experiences with it.


My experience is that Taurus, steel revolvers seem to work just fine. It’s the polymer revolvers, and pistols that the QC seems to be lacking. If it’s what you can afford, go for it. Having other guns, I wouldn’t snub my nose at a 605. For a small revolver, I would prefer a Ruger or if one can afford a Kimber K6. But the 605 isn’t junk.


Thank you. I do have Ruger and S&W semi-autos. My other revolver is a 686 Smith, but it’s to bulky for EDC. I appreciate your input.


@Mike I have a 605, and never really had any problem with it besides the yoke set screw kept wanting to back out, so I threw some super glue on the threads and it’s fine. I carry mine as a back up gun. I’ve probably ran north of 2000 rounds in it.

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@James. That’s great to hear. Thank you


I have a Taurus PT709 and the only issue I had was the screw on the rear sight came out and had to get it replaced, but other than that it has been really dependable. Taurus makes really great guns and I have been shooting their revolver at a gun range here by my house to test it out and was pleased how well it shoots. The gun range let’s you try out different guns for a small charge of the ammo used and use of the gun and reasonable on the price to try out different guns.

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Fingernail polish used to secure the screws will work, may be cheaper, and will not over harden to make it extremely difficult to remove the screw when needed.

Not sure about super glue. I am sure it will hold, but when you want to actually remove the screw, is it something doable without stripping the threads.

I like Tauruses, as long as they have cylinders.
I had been working on a few good Smiths for literally years, figuring which grip configuration I want to stick with. I got fed up with that so I took them all to my brother after the mod. 66-2 was stolen ( inherited from our older brother that passed away )

On the Ruger side of things, I bought every 4.2” SP-101 they make, even the Match Champion. This should’ve satisfied my range bag’s appetite, but I had to get a GP-100 .357 with 6” brl. just to be sure.
Now the GP stays in my range bag, I would, however, highly recommend the .327 Federal SP-101 in 4.2” brl. to all my USCCA fellow members. Range fun for years.
4 different caliber options. 5 maybe?

Long story longer, I don’t reckon I’ll run out and buy a Taurus unless it’s the very small poly-protector in .357 they quit making, correct me if I’m wrong, to carry as a backup on ye old ankle. I’m just Ruger-revolver-loyal, and that’s my own fault for being closed-minded.

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I let a snub SP-101 .357 hammerless go several years back, one of the older serial number runs, and I can’t tell you why I did it. You don’t EVER do that, but I did.

Yeah, CA glue shouldn’t strip threads unless you put the screw in wrong. That bring said, I am very conservative about how much I put on.

No personal experience with that model myself but I’ll say this.

Since Taurus began I’ve only seen a recall or widspread problems with exactly one model of revolver long ago. There was a timing issue with it and I don’t remember the model.

They fixed or replaced every gun that was sent in for warranty without question or charge.

They have probably the best customer service/warranty in the business.

I have owned a total of 8 Taurus trackers and all have been flawless for me spanning a period back to around 1992 when I bought my first 8.5" 44m. I still currently own five.

I’ve always thought the GP-100 was the most ergonomically produce revolver every made until the came up with the SP101.

Not really being a fan of the .38/357 I never bought one but I’m seriously looking at the 3.2" SP-101 for a concealement option. If I come across one at the right price again I will probably snatch it up without thinking. I made the mistake of letting a gem get away on a consignment sale that was over a hundred dollars off of list.

One of the few “ones that got away” I ever regretted.

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