January Target Competition

Thank you to those who participated in the December Target Competition. Watch your snail mail for a little something from me :wink:

@Sully_LST suggested this target for January:

  • Anywhere is the box is a hit.
  • 15 rounds from various distances: 6 yards, 12 yards, and 25 yards.
  • No time limit unless the shooter has a red dot on pistol (then 15 seconds)
  • From draw or low-ready.
  • Start at the longest distance and come in.

Focus on grouping and placement.

Print on 8.5 x 11 paper.

(Right click on the picture, then click copy. Paste it in any program you’d like Word, Google Docs, Powerpoint, Google Slides – just make sure it’s a vertical page, not horizontal.)

There’s no scoring for this one.


:grimacing: :face_with_monocle: :scream:
Can we do 6…12…25… FEET ? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


You can do whatever you think you need. The test is really to give yourself a true check of abilities.

This from Chris Lapre, a LEO in Arizona I met when my boss and I went shooting out there with my pal Larry Vickers and the Great One, Rob Leatham. (And something like 20 boarder patrol guys).

Start with yards instead of feet, and go slow. Get you shots on target. One miss is allowed. Two misses is a fail. But better to fail and learn, which is the real point of it.

I have yet to pass it totally clean with under 10 seconds for each stage. But don’t worry about that.

Things to think about during the drill;

  1. Good site alignment and picture.
  2. Get to the wall and pull through without moving the gun.

I’ve learned a ton about my mechanics with this simple drill.

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@Sully_LST, yards are OK with me… close to meters :love_you_gesture: I’m European / Metric guy :wink:
I did warm up yesterday and practiced shots at 25 yards … did exactly what you wrote: point 1, point 2.
After few minutes results were amazing. Hopefully in few days I’ll be ready to go with all 3 distances. :+1:

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There is a time associated with iron sights. I allotted an extra 5 seconds if using irons. These time apply only if shooting from the holster at each position.

If shooting it at a continued pace( 1 draw on 3 targets pre set at the distances) than it’s sub 10 seconds with a RDS and sub 12 seconds with iron sights .

Thanks and enjoy.
Chris Lapre


What? You don’t like a challenge, @Jerzy? :smile: I copied it directly from what @Sully_LST sent me.

Thanks for the clarification, @Chris69! Welcome to the USCCA Community!

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@Chris69 is a great shooter! @Dawn you should check out his IG Page – I filmed him beating Larry Vickers on a dueling tree ONE HANDED!

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@Dawn… I do love a challenge :hugs:
However this one is a HUGE step from 10 feet to 25 yards :crazy_face:
But it’s OK with me… I’ve been challenging myself whole life.
Nothing is easy on this World… until you make it easy :wink:

You got it, @Jerzey! There’s no points on this one - strictly for training. :smiley:

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and I feel to be addicted to this one… so far 13 inside the box, 2 outside, however within 8x11 paper… :wink:

Thanks Dawn! I appreciate it.

Any idea how to change my name on this?? I don’t know how I would end up with it, but I’d like to change it if possible.


How do you find his IG page?


That link doesn’t work!

@Stan try https://www.instagram.com/asymmetricoptions/

Just to confirm… I’m supposed to print out the feet and arrow and shoot at 3 different distances? What’s all this “box” talk? I’m not seeing a box.
Edit, I just found the box 5 seconds after typing this. Still not sure what to think about the feet though…


The symbol is from my company. The feet represent my background as a tracker and tracking instructor for almost 20 years.


Thank you for following up.

Sure, that makes more sense than it being some random target.