2020 December Target Competition

For December, choose any target. Spread your hand out over the center of the target and draw a circle closely around your hand.

Distance: 12 feet
Shots: 10 (Fives sets of double-taps — two shots in rapid succession)
Time: 2 minutes total (Include reload time if you have to switch magazines)
If you carry, use your concealed carry firearm.

5 points for every shot within the circle. Deduct 20 points if you go over the 2 minutes.

Post your results!


Love the idea.
But 2 minutes? Isn’t it too long?


So does that include a draw for each double tap? Trying to figure out how to use up 2 minutes.


LOL, good thing I have big hands!!!


We can shoot in 10 seconds… ok maybe in 12 with reload…and then count… 13…14…15… … …


118… 119…120… :+1:


We did give extra time because we know there are a lot of newer shooters.

But since you guys asked for it… if you’ve shot longer than 2 years, you have 30 seconds.

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30 seconds? :cold_face:
I have to shorten my counting then…

:gun: pew,pew


Ooopss… hold on… I have shot LESS than 2 years… :muscle:


118… 119…120…

Almost forgotten Competition… :wink:

So 120 seconds definitely felt weird… 30 seconds would be fair for every shooter…
I did 10 targets.

  • 9 were between 15 - 17 seconds:

  • 1 was done within 9 seconds:

I shot M&P22C. Handgun picked up from the bench, press out -> double-tap -> compressed ready -> press out …and so on…

Result: 50 points.


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Nobody else?
Guys. This is the best drill to check your limits.
Speed vs. accuracy… exactly what USCCA teaches at DSF classes…

Range trips are canceled till ammo prices become more reasonable. Till then it’s airsoft and dry fire. Eventually I’m going to get the mantis system


Yeah, I hear you.
That’s why I switched to 22LR.
I cannot afford loosing the skills :neutral_face:

Just saw this challenge. Snowing at the moment so not sure if I can get out there before the end of December. Nice shooting Jerzy!

Do not give up @Shamrock.
Due to current WuFlu situation I’m guessing this December’s Competition could be extended by @USCCA for a week or so…


I normally love these competitions, but I haven’t been to the range in a good minute and not sure I’ll make it before the end of December.

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I went to the range yesterday, but just saw this today so I didn’t draw a circle around my hand, but I believe these would fit within that circle (I have huge hands). This would have been under 30 seconds. I’m only getting to the range maybe once a month due to ammo prices, so I’ll try to look for January’s competition before I head out then.


Great shooting @JCP.
Man’s hand is as wide as 9 zone, so you are perfectly fine :clap:

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What happened to 2021 Competition Targets?

Let’s keep this Community well trained with practical shooting, not practical writing… :wink:

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How today my pen shall flow?
In hypothetical postures?
In systematic rhythms?
So, will my words be heard or just read?
Will they be remembered or be tossed away like a used tissue paper?
I stack my words with purpose and hope that those who take the time to read my words can see inside my tangled mind.
But now you know that I can say but,… wait,… OH, You were being funny about practical writting!!!

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And now… let’s shoot some targets. :wink:

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Wednesday is range day. So, what is the drill? @Dawn