December Target Competition

Are you ready for your December Target Competition?

In the spirit of the holiday, this is our next target (color or black and white (you add the color) printed on 8.5 x 11 paper)

Distance: 10 feet
Rounds: 20 rounds
Objective: 5 rounds in each of the ORANGE and RED gifts
Scoring: +5 for each round in one of the ORANGE and RED gifts, -10 for each round in one of the green boxes ribbons count as part of the box! Scoring is in line with the graphics at the top of the target.

Perfect score: 100 points
Due December 31, 2019

Download it for printing at 8.5 x 11 here:

If you’re printing it out in black and white, you might want to color the “green boxes” so you don’t accidentally shoot in the wrong spot.


I only shot it once this time as I was in a little bit of a rush, but I took the opportunity to get some draw reps in. Each shot was a draw and shoot at as fast a pace as I could muster and get hits. Didn’t have my timer so I’m not sure of actual speeds. Did it at the requested 10’.


Merry Christmas!


20 + bonus 2 x :slightly_smiling_face:


I convinced Rob Leatham to participate but made him shoot from 15 yards
We were out in Arizona at the Casa Grande Police Range with a bunch of LEOs and Border Parol guys training. Our buddy Larry Vickers was also there putting us through the “Humbler” (a crazy hard drill that Bob and I did not pass).


Here’s a private link for the video of The Great One, Rob Leatham, doing our December 2019 challenge.
We need @Dawn and @Zee to show us their targets!


going to try to get to the range thursday night with my boss (his schedule permitting) and I’ll post mine once I do! :smiley:

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I’m hoping to go this weekend - I worked at the Range most of the last weekend and it was swamped so I didn’t get to shoot. :frowning:


I except your challenge, I will get my Pastor, a police officer friend of mine and an elder at my church to do the challenge as well… Starting sat morning…

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Finally… After 2 weeks without using my pistol I found one hour to visit the Range…

One small mistake… :pensive: … but greens survived :point_up:


I was finally was able to get to the range for one of the competitions!

I shot this with a new TX22, this was the 3rd & 4th mags through the pistol ever. Definitely harder than I expected, not sure if because I haven’t been to the range in a minute or because this was a brand new pistol and I wasn’t 100% confident on where the rounds were landing. Good challenge though!


40 S&W, Ruger SR40c…started bottom left and worked my way up…

Depending how you’re scoring I either didn’t do too bad (1 in the green box) or really bad (1 in the green box, 2 in the ribbon for the green)…and since @Dawn said ribbons count as part of the box, guess I’ll call it really bad ….85 - 30 = 55. Not sure why my shots were dropping on that last box. :thinking:


Second and third mags through the rented Glock 27. I think that will be my next purchase.