August Target Competition

It’s BACK! The Monthly Target Competition is making a special appearance in August, with free printable targets here:

Distance: 10 feet
Rounds: 25 (your choice of caliber)
Objective: 5 rounds per sunburst
Scoring: 1 point per shot in the sunburst, and 1 extra point for every sunburst that has a bullseye shot
Perfect score: 30 points

Post your targets below by August 31 for your chance to win bragging rights for the best target!



Thank you for reducing the round count in these troubled times. :slight_smile:


Multiple entries or just best of month?

Best of the month. Single entry - it’s just bragging rights.

There is an additional competition that NSSF is doing - their rules are on the target and that’s completely separate from what this one is.

That means - perfect score can have only 5 holes :wink: :upside_down_face:


Ok, here’s my submission…

Left to right then center…

Red - 5pts, no center shot (+0)
Green - 5pts, 3 center shot (+1)
Orange - 5pts, 2 center shots (+1)
Silver - 5pts, 1 center shot (+1)
Yellow - 5pts, 1 center shot (+1)…can’t believe how off I was on the center target

29pts total…I’ll take it.


Ugh, a couple of fliers… that’s what I get for using a gun I’m not used to! But a good target nonetheless!


@Dawn, what do you mean by that?

Did you shoot Glock? :astonished:

No, it was an Canik available for renting at the range where I work. :smiley:

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Anyone else shot this target this month?

2 days left… :smiling_imp:
I’m not going to let you guys win this month :crazy_face:

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I’m not happy with result… but it’s a fun to compete :+1:

  1. RED:
    3 in, 2 out, 0 center : 3 points

  2. GREEN:
    3 in, 2 out, 0 center : 3 points

  3. SILVER:
    5 in, 0 out, 1 center : 6 points

  4. ORANGE:
    5 in,02 out, 0 center : 5 points

  5. YELLOW:
    4 in, 1 totally out , 1 center : 5 points

TOTAL: 22 points:grimacing: :lying_face: :zipper_mouth_face: