September Target Competition!

We’re featuring free printable targets from the NSSF again in our September Target Competition!

The best place to be this year is outside in wide-open spaces. September’s target is a great rendition of that.

Target: 8.5-inch x 11-inch Cans on the Fence
Distance: 7 feet
Rounds: 24 (your choice of caliber)
Objective: Highest score you can achieve with no more than three shots per can
Scoring: Add the hits per can together — ONLY THREE HITS PER CAN COUNT (If you hit the same can four times, only three count.)
Highest score: 600 points

Post your targets below by September 31 for your chance to win bragging rights!


I am on it! Will post when I get done.


I’m on it. but my gun club will only let targets be put out no closer than 11 yards on the public range. and on any of the other ranges no closer that 25 yards. So when I go to my gun club it will be at 11 yards. And I’m planning on going on 9/3/2020 to practice. And I’ll do it then and post here in a few days after that.

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I hope the target distance was really 7 feet as posted and not supposed to be 7 yards.

Anyway, here’s mine from 3 yards since that was the minimum target placement at my range. Glock 43 using freshly made 124gr RMR 9mm (4.1gr Win231, CCI primer, mixed headstamp brass).

I think 580 or 590. The 2-shot hole to the left of the middle 10 can shows one probably nicking the can, but the other one looks like a miss.


Hopefully it is not too late to post the result.
Shots taken on September 25th… but I really haven’t had a time to post it… :grimacing:


I was going to do this with my Syrt training gun but my computer crashed and I am having trouble reloading all of my stuff.

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Sounds like a job for 12ga.

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