Target Competition - Range Restrictions?

A monthly target competition has been requested by a couple of Community-goers! It’s an idea I’d tossed around, so the suggestions cemented the idea! Thanks @Harvey and @Sully_LST!!

I’m shooting to start the competition this weekend - but what I’d like to know before I get a competition together is:

What you CAN do on your range?

  • Draw from holster
  • Rapid fire
  • Double Tap
  • Moving Targets - distance
  • Moving Targets - turning
  • You can move laterally
  • You can move forward/backward
  • Set Specific Distances
  • Silhouette Targets
  • Novelty targets
  • Other (please list below)

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I’ll be working on the initial ideas over the next few days and your feedback will help!

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I can do also “OTHER”… but I wasn’t sure if this can be counted: I can do NOTHING on my Range :wink: ( I mean - stand on side and watch others shooting, sometimes I watch new shooters / classes together with RSO).
One day I visited Range, north from Chicago. They had a Restaurant with delicious burgers :ok_hand:

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Outdoor range. Only rules outside normal firearm safety. No full auto, no 50 cal, no tracers, and tanerite can’t be more than one lb.

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I want to come shoot by you, @Sheepdog556!

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The range I use is outdoors in a state Wildlife Management area, There are very few rules and nobody there to enforce them. There are, of course, the basics concerning being under the influence, cleaning up your brass and trash, and minors being supervised by an adult. Other than that the only posted restrictions are:
-No full auto weapons.
-No tracer ammo or other incendiary rounds. (Fire concerns)
-No tannerite or other “exploding” targets.(Fire again)
-No ammo specifically manufactured as to be “armor piercing”.

That’s about it. A far as movement goes, whether forward, backward, laterally, or while firing, it all depends on how many shooters are there. If I’m by myself, which happens often in the morning and/or on a weekday, anything goes. Multiple targets, multiple angles and distances, moving targets, moving shooters, draw from holster, draw from concealment, draw multiple weapons, etc, etc. The governing factor is the safety of other people present. You’re expected to use some judgement and discretion and courtesy when other folks are around; in other words, be a grown-up about it.

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All of the above unless there is work being done in the field (then the range is closed).

I have access to two indoor ranges (for now anyway). You have a small box in your shooting lane that you have to stay inside, so basically no moving left/right/forward/backward. The targets flip from facing you to edge only (good for timed drills), but I don’t think they’d appreciate you shooting it while it moves to/away from you. They are OK with drawing as long as you look like you know what you’re doing. RSOs are always around.


We have two sets of rule, when we are open to the public and when we are not.

When open to public plain jane bullseye targets.

Closed to public which is most of the time just about anything, including full auto (you have to be pre-approved).

No photo realistic people targets ever. Animal ones are fine during non public

Drawing from holster is fine if everyone on that range at that time agrees that it is fine.

Tracers and incendiary are not allowed


I go to two different ranges. If I’m working on fundamentals, I go to the indoor range here, I can change distance. If drawing from holster, I go to an outdoor range. Sometimes they if they have the IDPA course set up, they let you run it.

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My home range is pretty much do as you please. :smiley:


I’m jealous.

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Yeah I have to go with the NO RULES, RANGE RULES. On my primary range I have from 0 to 1 Mile of free reign. I can shoot, move , multi target engagements the whole works. That said the owner is BATSH!T crazy and a convicted felon so part of the day has to be taken up with space aliens, gubament secret projects and 1970’s Ford Bronco’s (which I actually do not mind and re direct him to that topic as often as I can.)

At my secondary I have “Father in Law rules” 700 yards max distance, DO NOT HIT THE TREES oh and an hour of range time is worth 7 hours of back breaking labor and “one more thing”. Love my FIL to death but he is a crusty old Commander and I am a Seaman Recruit but it is all good I will own it one day :smiling_imp:




Can’t answer that yet new in my area goi g to check out the range tomorrow

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I own my own range. Keep it safe.


If anyone is looking for a new range, we have this new awesome feature on our website!


@Dawn, any reason I do not see all Shooting Ranges at my location?

Let me look - I know this resource is shared with the NSSF, so they may not be associated with one in your area…

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It makes sense…

Ok - I used the zip I found with your email address in our system and there are a few in your area. I’ll PM you because I don’t want to post any of your private info - even your zip - in public.

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Continuing the discussion from Target Competition - Range Restrictions?:

I put the zipcode of 60540 in the search for ranges and it came up with a bunch. Are you in Naperville, IL?