Cheap moving targets

Hi everyone! Hope all is well. It’s bee a while since I posted.

I’ve been participating in some off hours training at the local indoor range. Typical target acquisition, reloading, move & shoot, tactical priority, etc. We’ve been talking about how great it would be to have swiveling and bobbing targets available at the range for these classes. Since I had some free time over the holidays, I decided to search YouTube videos on how to make these out of PVC. V2 of the bobbing target included being able to put “no shoots” on the sides or middle so you have limited time to engage.

We’ve already used these once so far and they were definitely more challenging than the stationary targets in addition to being a lot of fun to shoot.


I saw something similar to what you described, but decided against the use of metal since we wanted to avoid ricochets in an indoor range.


I hope it works out for you


Welcome back @PDA3 !

I’ve seen targets like the swinging one in the second video before but haven’t seen the side turner before. I really like that for making you stop or pause shooting when you don’t have a clear shot.

If you used shoot don’t shoot targets and you don’t know which one your shooting buddies put on that could be even more realistic. Maybe throw on a gun sticker loosely stuck on the target so if it falls off while turning you have to realize the threat has stopped?

I’ve been thinking about some of those fairly cheap foam upper body targets put on a fairly tippy stand so it will fall over after it gets hit a few times. You just have to keep shooting till it falls.


What we do is put a no shoot in front of the swinger where it is in the still position. Then one can only shoot it when it moves from behind it. The object is to shoot it on the first swing.


And our door tire swing and tie a rope to the side of it and then your brother pulls it really hard start shooting the target in the center of the tire swing works great. :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::feather::feather:

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