Training for shooting at a moving target?


For those of you who are lucky enough to have an area to shoot at home or at an outdoor range, you may be able to use this training with live fire. Others may have to use Laser ammo, a sirt pistol or even airsoft rounds.

How else do you train for shooting at a moving target?


Deer hunting. If you spook a nice deer, it a leaping, bounding, running (and they are fast) moving target. Seriously though, I’ve had the opportunity to shoot one of the wheel stuff will the meter plates that fall off, and cause the whole this to rotate. The little self sealing balls that bounce across the ground are nice too.


Does shooting at a target from a moving vehicle count?? When I was younger and lived out in the middle of nowhere we use to go driving and shooting at road signs when we were bored.


IPSC competition often includes stages with moving, spinning, turning, falling targets, or targets that pop up when another target falls.


:woman_facepalming: When you were younger you thought about shooting at road signs when you were bored, right, @Damon? I know you’d never destroy public property like that. :wink:


@Dawn No we never destroyed property…umm we just helped it withstand high winds as it wasn’t a solid object with wind holes in it. :joy::joy:


I’ve been tempted to build a moving target from an old hoverboard, I’d just have to armor the main parts against the poor aim of others.


Sometimes it’s easy to forget that low tech not only works, it’s cheap and inherently reliable.

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Armor is inherently heavy and generally expensive. Your hover board is a great idea but you might just think about setting up a low berm/bullet stopper between your shooting positions and the target that can absorb any low shots and keep it protected without any added weight or limitations on movement.

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Armor would be nothing more than 3/8 steel plates from the local scrap yard setup on a slant with. Will add a hundred plus pounds but will also make a nice ballast…

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That would seriously limit mobility and speed. Also there’s a problem in that the armor angled up is going to deflect rounds upward where you cannot predict or control where they come down so that presents a safety risk even outdoors and of course on indoor ranges I don’t know of any that would allow it because of potential roof/ceiling damage.

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