Weekend Drill: Jostle Drill

If we are ever in a self-defense incident, we’re not going to have the opportunity to say, “Please hold while I get in my best shooting stance and no one is bumping me.” So we need to learn to shoot while being jostled and how to get off the X.

The USCCA don’t advocating shooting on the move, we teach moving and then shooting. Our shooting will most likely not be as accurate during a self-defense incident as it is on the range. We need to train for the variables that can affect our accuracy.

How do you train on the range to accommodate the unknown we might encounter in a self-defense situation?


I’m not sure I could do this training. I could be the shooter but I feel there are factors I don’t know about being the trainer “jostling.”

Maybe I have to experience it first.

@Dawn would you suggest doing a round or two with a class with Sirt guns first?
Also, this has to be close to the berm. No more than 10 yards on paper targets.


Shooting while moving is part of our church security annual qualifications. It is scheduled for the week before the Expo!


Snap caps or a SIRT pistol could be very helpful with this drill - great point, @Sully_LST!


Shooting while moving is an important drill. A person can use a sirt, pellet, bb, laser, etc., drawing from holster, also moving. We have a unique moving target system with moving drills to train for self defense. One can be bombarded with training techniques, start a list of what one wants to accomplish, from dry fire to whatever, and then practice in sequence of what is on your list or bucket list. A kink in this shooting while moving…what about if a person has arthritis, or on crutches, or wheel chair? We haven’t had the opportunity to train a person with a disability, but sure would welcome that opportunity.