Move and shoot drill suggestions


So… I know that moving and shooting might be required but the closets I’ve gotten to a move and shoot drill is moving to the side as I draw my gun and fire 2-5 rounds center mass.
But if I have to move say 10 yards to cover and shoot as I go I want to be able to do so accurately. For all those with more experience in this area, what are your suggestions?

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Look into action pistol, or IDPA shooting. I’m going to try to take time for that this year myself. Looks like fun, while harnessing practical skills.


I starting going to the range I live by earlier in the day. It’s clear and nobody is there. Gives me a chance to run the move and shoot drill. My biggest problem is keeping the front sight in view while moving. And try setting up cover 10 yards to the right and away from the target, and the same for a 3rd cover area but 10 yards inward and to the right, or left.


I looked into IDPA shooting but I couldn’t find any matches in my area. Not even within a hundred miles. They’re all out of state for me.

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Try also Steel shooting competitions, and action pistol. The local range that does them near me, lists it as action pistol. The rules are pretty much IDPA, just without the IDPA sponsorship.


I’ll look into it. Though where ever my parents decide to move to, we’ll have acreage where I plan on building my own range. Which means I could theoretically do the same stuff the IDPA does but without paying any money or traveling. :thinking:

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Those are the best ranges. Most of my shooting drills, are done on a 40 acre plot of “family land.”


That’s cool. Once I get to that point I plan on getting a couple AR500 steel targets and then as far as moving and shooting drills… I figure I could at least build a little bit of cover out of wood or something and then shoot as I move say 10 yards to that point or whatever. I haven’t completely figured that out. I’m sure I’ll be asking for suggestions and ideas once I get to that point though.

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Look for some defensive pistol classes. The more advanced ones will have shooting on the move, etc. , but you may have to take a less advanced class as a prerequisite to the more advanced one. I would also practice tactical reloads and reloading with retention, two things you can practice with or without live fire.

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I have taken what you might call a basic defensive pistol class. I had stressvest training with it too. So I have the basic defensive pistol but I just need to find time and money for an advanced class if they people I trained with have one.

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The rifle club I just joined has a range made for this. I am pretty excited to try it. You have to be a NRA range officer to go on that range so I have to go through that class first but it looks like it would be a cool range to shoot on.

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I belong to the NRA and their MA chapter, Gun Owners Action League (GOAL). They offer defensive and advanced defensive classes from time to time, and have offered some through Rob Pincus in the past. There are also companies that offer the basics all the way to very advanced classes in the area that people can go through.


An odd ball drill i saw on YouTube ( i know) but it helped accuracy was using half a bottle of water and holding it vertically with a grip simulating a pitsol grip and walk around the house trying to keep the water as stable as possible. The idea is when you go to the range youll have practiced keeping your sights level and using your legs as shock obsorbers.

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There is an indoor range near me that did (maybe still do I have not stopped in for a while) a move and cover course once a week. The range is closed to walk ins during this time so you have to sign up in advance. You do not compete against anyone but yourself (you get your scores that evening). The course is a shoot move to new cover, shoot move shoot reload and repeat. The course is changed each week to keep things fresh.

I have not provided the name and location of the range as I am not sure if it is permitted or not in the public posts.


I go to a outdoor range and they have move and shoot drills and competition they are reasonably priced and very imformative gives things to work on while I do regular range time like today I had some cover at different feet all angles of the target and was able to move between them being the only one on the range . I was kinda dissappointed in myself at 40ft I missed the center mass twice.


Don’t be disappointed, @Gunpassion! It’s an area for growth. When we know areas to focus on it’s much easier than guessing where we should focus. :slight_smile:

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True but im usually on target, so it was frustrating.

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I’ve really enjoyed scenario based shooting matches like IDPA. I’ve been shooting them for several years and still leave a match amped up on adrenaline. The hook I use when getting friends to try it is that it’s like a live fire video game.

This has forced me to practice shooting on the move. Now, standing still while shooting feels strange.

If you have an opportunity to attend one of these, I highly recommend it. :us:

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There’s a private club near me that hosts IDPA matches. They have a practice the week before the match that they open up to non members for a small fee. I’ve thought of checking it out.

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A practice week!? That’s an awesome idea! If nothing else, that gives people you may not like the idea of a competition a chance to experience a different style of shooting.

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