Tactical Tuesday: Accuracy while moving

They’re using SIRT pistols for dry-firing in this video!

You’ll notice they don’t move while their shooting (for the most part, Mike does on his way down the far side). We know that when you’re moving as you’re shooting your shots are not as accurate.

Is this something you can add to your training? What moving and shooting training do you do?

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I use a water bottle. Drink it down to one if the lines on the bottle. I get the grip as close as possible to my actual pistol grip. And practice walking around the house. Adjust footwork till water stays still. Take that to the range and warm up with a water bottle and move to dry runs with the pistol then live fire

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In general it is easier to find a range with a moving target than it is to find a range that will let you move and shoot. Both are equally important. I cannot in words even begin to describe how to shoot on the move. That said there are many videos out there showing operators moving and shooting. The key is essentially to fix your hips and allow your legs to take up the vagaries of terrain. Combine that with NOT having a rigid hold of an extended pistol. Essentially EVERYTHING turns into a shock absorber, EVERYTHING is smooth and fluid. Not easy but doable.



Well that’s not completely true. Movement reduces accuracy but if you train to shoot while moving you can achieve acceptable defensive accuracy.

If you want to train to hit moving targets my recommendation is to start off with a shotgun shooting clays. You can build the necessary eye hand coordination that way and it’s a heck of a lot of fun.

Sporting clays in particular once you have the basic skills developed is a fantastic and enjoyable format.


It is tough to train “live fire” moving. I live in the middle of suburbia where there are only indoor ranges within 100 miles. I can train dry fire at home with my laser G-Sight, but I get rug burns rather than scraped knees… air conditioning rather than 100 degrees. The ranges don’t even like you taking six taps standing still. I envy those of you with room to roam.

I use laser cartridge and LASR software (that gives me “steel sound” when I hit target).
I’m moving between sofas and chairs, hide behind the corner, shoot from behind cover.


Being able to shoot a moving target is definitely a different beast that moving and shooting. @Craig6 makes a great point about ranges that offer moving/turning targets. It’s not the same, but it does add another step of complexity to your training.

Me too! I think the USCCA needs to build a range like that… :smiley:

This laser software? http://laser-ammo.com/ (They have a discount for USCCA Members.)

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Simple, not expensive, and you can use your EDC firearm.

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I think it is a great drill for dry fire and practicing muzzle control and it can be used in real life. Most of the live fire training I have had and practical experience is that if two or more people are approaching or retreating from a target is to avoid crossing paths if at all possible. The other thing I was trained to do is to take the hop out of your step walk like you have a bucket on your head so your weapon is only moving horizontally, not vertically. This makes getting accurate shots on target while moving much more likely. One of the realities of concealed carry for most of us is that our goal is to get away from the assailant so good shots on target while retreating are important.


The problem (for me) with such drill and real situation is that you never know who is gonna be the second person going after bad guy.
I saw so many irresponsible people with guns in their hands (range, training, CCL class) that I probably wouldn’t be a part of such real situation (my option - retreat).
The only people I trust and want to be with me to engage the target/bad guy would be my sons.

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You could also join a range that has USPSA matches the shooting club i belong to has this and it is great for moving and shooting.

IDPA and IPSC are both very good venues to practice and be exposed to new challenges. HOWEVER it was my experience that very few would allow you to shoot “on the move” if anything you would get an elongated box that you might be able to get a couple rounds off from one end to the other. That being said the ranges that host these events are often “3/4 ranges” in that the range is “sided” on 3 sides which if properly constructed “can” give you roughly 220* of shooting flexibility. Unfortunately even if you have a properly constructed range LIABILITY for the range is a huge concern AND expense and often times it is written into the insurance policy that “thou shalt NOT shoot on the move”

Some may wrinkle their nose at this but here it is. Paintball, Laser Tag and Air Soft are ALL viable training options. Air Soft being the one that would be most realistic (short of “Simunition”). If you can find a CO2 powered “blow back” Air Soft pistol to match yours you could happily practice shoot n move just about anywhere.

For you urban dwellers a couple 5 gal buckets from Home Depot with a couple layers of news paper or similar is an effective “bullet trap”, I also recommend that you put a layer of packing foam (like gun case foam but from packages) in the bottom of the bucket. 5 gal buckets are also handy as he!! to hold water in the event of a hurricane / blizzard etc. and a whole lot more manageable than a 55 gal trash can full of water (1 gal of H2O = 8 lbs, 8 x 55 = 440 lbs vs 40 lbs for 5 Gal)