Get off the 'X' training

I am in Milwaukee, WI and I am looking for a range around me where you move off the ‘X’ and shoot. I want to do more training besides just standing in 3’ box and punch holes in paper targets. Does anyone know of near-by ranges where you move and shoot? Thank you in advance!

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@Rob71 Have you tried this. :us:

Not from Milwaukee but I did a fair number of months at Great Lakes Naval station just over the border. As I recall heading due west landed you in farm country. IF you can find a farm that will let you play you can set up your own COF and shoot and move to your hearts content. PVC stands are cheap, replaceable and easy to make. Leave it better than you found it and the farmer will be happy with you. Offer to help around the farm and it gets even better. In 1987 I walked into the local feed, seed, nuts, bolts and ammo shop and told the older fella behind the counter that I could drive a tractor and I was willing to trade an hour of labor for an hour of shooting time. I came back the next week and he called a farmer down the road. I busted my A$$ for four hours and got 4 hours of shooting time. It worked out well.




In the mean time, try using a SIRT or other laser type pistol and move about the house shooting at small objects like 3-M stick em’s. Back yard, any place you are likely not to be seen by lookie lou’s who will undoubtedly call the constabulary on you. Still able to move and assess your accuracy.

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