Training schedule


How much do you train?
I try to dryfire everyday, with live fire training 3-4 times a week if possible


I will generally get 2 times at the range a week. I also rarely sit and shoot groups at the range, normally there is something else involved in my training. About 2 times a year at least I get on some private land and do moving live fire stuff, shooting over cover, reflexive fire. I do drawing and dry fire drills at home.

I also am starting to take advantage of my gun club being on 300 acres with trails and doing ruck marches and some log PT after shooting, it’s hard to get in a gym and stay there, but if I can work out after shooting, or maybe before, I’ll be more motivated to do it.


At least once a month. Sometimes more depending on schedule, and weather(outdoor range). A lot of my “range time” is on private property. It affords me the chance to do some shoot and move drills, practice from a draw, and I can pretty much put my targets where I want them.


A coworker and fellow shooting enthusiast just talked about trying to get together at his place (over 100 acres) once a month and invite others we know to join us so they can try some weapons they might never have a chance to fire otherwise, between the two of us we have a nice selection of hand and long gun calibers.

I must admit I dont get to the range in the winter months as much as I would like (or should) but with nice weather around the corner it is much easier to stop at the outdoor range when out on the bike, even if it is only a few mags.

Before I moved to the Madison area I lived out in the country and would shoot almost every other day (private land with a small gravel pit is great).


I have taken the “body builder” approach, every other day on the dry fire. And, at least two times a month on the range. The problem I am facing is economic brass to shoot?! Ammunition is the cost over a long term shooting life style.


Right now I’m going to the range once a week, but do dry fire training of some sort almost every day.


Getting to the range one week night every week and once a month on the weekends I’m away from home. Shooting at home every weekend I’m home (usually twice a month). Adding a monthly ladies night at the range starting next week. Trying to get some private lesson time or a full day training in once or twice a month. Dry fire… need to add that. Mental training… scenarios or skills reviews or CC reading pretty much everyday.