Where and when do you train?


The range is always slammed on the weekends. If I’m not working at the range, I’d rather avoid it on the weekends. Weeknights find me checking into the Community a lot (you’re all awesome and have great conversations!).

I’m sure I’m not the only one who has a crazy schedule. Throw kids and family commitment into the mix and there’s barely any time left. How do you fit training into your schedule?

Where and when do you train?


  • At home - dry fire
  • At home - targeting system
  • On the range
  • Gun club
  • Where ever I can

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  • Weekend mornings
  • Weekend afternoons
  • Weekday mornings
  • Weekday afternoons
  • Weekday evenings
  • Whenever I can

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How do you meet your training goals?


I meet my goals by setting concrete goals, then I always bring more ammo than I think I’ll need, if I achieve a goal easily, I just work on fire, target picture, then trigger reset. If I’m not going to hit my goal, I figure it out quick, and reset a goal that will help me in achieving what I want to do next time.

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@Dawn, I didn’t see Gun Club cause I do train there as well.


Same here @NJStraightShooter. My Gun Club is my go to, when I’m not practicing draws at home.

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I keep a list of things I need to constantly train on and work from that, usually devoting 50 to 100 rounds per range trip just to that topic. Of course, some things are trained on EVERY time I visit the range (or anywhere else, for that matter). Quick sample from my logs. I have a full list, but this is a good sampling.

 Ammo Testing 				Does this ammo fire from this gun, EVERY time?
 Center Axis Relock (CAR) 		Eyes open, side angle, single eye on sight picture
 Clearing Failure to Fire 1 		Tap, roll, rack
 Clearing Failure to Fire 2 		Strip mag, rack, rack, load, rack
 Clearing Stovepipe 			Sweep stovepipe, either rack slide or hit back of slide to re-battery
 Defensive Firing 			Cover fire, motion fire (Outdoor range)
 Double-Tap 				Two shots to center-mass
 Feeding the Wheel			Revolvers Only - Reloading
 Flinching/Blinking 			From either noise or recoil
 Left-Hand Only 			C.A.R. vs Vertical
 Look/Shoot 				Look at target, move gun to target, repeat
 Low-Ready to Target 			From low ready, safety on, to sight picture
 Marksmanship 				Hitting the target where I WANT to hit the target
 Mozambique 				Two shots to center-mass, one to head
 Prone Firing 				Multi-, NON STANDING, firing positions
 Rack vs Release 			Rack the slide or release the slide lock?
 Reloading 				Empty, jam, or tactical reloads
 Right-Hand Only 			C.A.R. vs Vertical
 Rollout 				Minimal exposure, forearm and enough head to sight
 Sight Picture Acquisition	 	Pistol on target, sighted, OFF trigger
 Sight-Alignment 			Checking and aligning the sights
 Trigger 				Reset Where do I feel the “click”
 Working the Gun 			One-handed, racking, reloading

Working with the assistance of an off-duty LEO friend:
 911 Call - Police 		Blue Gun. Proper steps and proper communications
 Pulled-Over - Police 		Blue Gun. Proper steps and proper communications
 Shots Fired - Police 		Blue Gun. Defensive shots, proper communications
 Weapon Drawn - Police 		Blue Gun. No shots, proper communications

Do you work this every time, @Fish? Or do you do random items off the list in different orders?


Some items I work EVERY TIME, like trigger discipline, muzzle discipline, etc. Some I work on specifically because I am having an issue with it, like, I had noticed I had developed a touch of noise flinch, so I spent several hundred rounds working specifically on that, along with some videos and forums for suggestions on fixing it. Then the other things I kind of rotate, but not strictly. I may decide that I just want to do marksmanship today, or maybe I want to work a bit on support-hand firing, with a disabled strong-hand.

And some things get rotated in more frequently, such as reloading or clearing failures.

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