Do you have a training schedule>

Do you go to the range on a regular basis? What drills do you do? Ever think about setting up your drills to vary and build your skill levels? What are your goals going to the range? What drills will improve your accuracy? What drills will improve your speed?

I go to the range every two weeks. Each time I go I have five drills I perform with starting from a basic drill and increasing gradually through the day.

One ten drill - Place a shot on a blank target and repeating shots slowly and deliberate trying the punch through the hole I already made keeping a smallest spread possible at three yards.

Day 1

Dot torture test 9 feet.

Bill Drill - 21 feet 6 shots set. a goal for how fast and work on beating your goal. The next time you run it you can set a new goal.

Mozambique drill 7 yards two to the body and one to the head.

ten- ten drill - Ten rounds in ten seconds at 40 feet.

Day two

one to ten drill

Off the X drill - Walking tactically in a clockwise circle shoot ten rounds at 12 feet.

two and two drill - at 12 feet and an eight-inch target shoot two rounds strong hand the two rounds .

reloading drill - two targets and two rounds each reloading between targets.

3 in 3 drill - 21 feet 3 rounds in three seconds.

This would be one month’s training and the next month I will repeat some of the drills I feel as though I need to improve upon.

This is a training plan to keep my skills sharp and to improve them. I hope ya’all can use this to give you steps in practicing at the range. If you go to a class and the instructor gives you a drill to use utilize that drill in your training. If you have a chance to go to a class, then by all means do! Learning skills is important to the responsibility to carrying.


The ones that help me hit the target.

POA to POI repetition, not relying on any sights, Red Dot nor BUIS.

My shot timer will be arriving tomorrow so hopefully I will have a plan this weekend/next week.
I do not own any paper/cardboard targets so I can’t really record my hits besides looking at the steel targets after each drill.

Raccoon hat soon. :wink:


That is one of mine too!


I go to the “range” very often. It’s BLM land and I have the place I pick to myself so I’ve almost given up on “drills” and just shoot random scenarios that I make up in my head, sometimes as I go. Visualization and imagination is king.

I get everything I can in, including unorthodox shooting positions from the ground lying on my back front and sides, shooting from cover/concealment, shooting from very angled ground (up/down/sideways), LOTS of shooting while moving, reloads both emergency and tactical (static and on the move) and whatever God throws at me during my session. I try to pick my spots so there is very little flat ground to challenge my abilities and balance.

In essence, everything they normally won’t let you do at “range”.

But sometimes I just throw a bunch of orange clay birds all over a berm and blast them to pieces just so I can smile a lot.


Every other Sunday, 0700hrs when the range is empty. I simply hang 14x17" cardboard targets marked with bingo marking pens in different colors. I then fire about 25-30 rounds from each of my pistols, clean my EDC and load carry rounds, then wander on home to clean up the rest.
Nothng fancy, just putting rounds on target and maintaining reflexes.


In all honesty, I gave up!
Just this year, last time on the range, a couple of months ago!
Used to be on the range and/or training three days a week, 4-5 hours a day for fifteen years, religiously! Talk about a happy wife :innocent:

There are hundreds of reasons I don’t go anymore.
The biggest is, it doesn’t matter. We’re not going to fight, the 2A is full of sh*t, terrorists already infiltrated our homeland and defending that, lands you, the good guy, in jail. We all know the names! The justice system is dead, unless you’re a republican/conservative or white!
I go by USCCA motto, AVOID, AVOID, AVOID :exclamation:I’m AVOIDING alright.
I should win the AVOIDANCE AWARD

I’m saving what I have because the only thing I’ll be defending is my castle and everyone in it!
Our country is not our country anymore. I’ve accepted that! I’m still angry about it, but I nor millions of others can do sh#t about it.
WHAT, VOTE, JOKE :exclamation:
The only way my vote is going to count is if I’m dead!

Perhaps when things return to normal, I’ll return to the range!
If things don’t get back to normal it means we failed!
No one man can fix what we’re experiencing, it’s going to take a generation, I don’t have that much time!

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One thing I read about the old west gun fighters was to be deliberate in your shooting. Yes it’s good to get your firearm out and into action but if you don’t make hits stopping the other person it doesn’t do you a bunch of good. Take the extra.01 seconds to make sure you hit a vital organ.

My main focus when training is to get off the X and to make sure I hit what I intend to hit. If I’m proficient in the basics of draw, clearing my shirt smoothly, grip, extend on target and shoot; I work on it until I am. Then I work on getting off the X in various directions and various number of steps. Now and again I will toss in a day of unusual shooting positions and distances 3 to 30 yards.

I think for my needs being able to initially make solid hits to vital meaty places tops the list to accomplish my protection goals.