25 round---1/2 box drills

Got to cut way back on live fire training because ammo and components is still unavailable around here.
Doing dry fire, pellets and .22, but nothing really compares to live centerfire with your EDC
What drills do you suggest concentrating on when working with starvation rations?


This is my almost everyday dry fire practice.

It can be done with the laser cartridge, target and software, or without.

  1. pressing out from compressed ready
  2. drawing from holster (wearing different garment)
  3. emergency reloads

All 3 done separately for few minutes and then combined together.

With laser app and timer this combined drill is everything I need to be prepared for self defense.

If you find it boring - add fourth element - MOVEMENTS.


3 - 3 inch circles
2 rounds each
first go right hand only at 10 feet within 6 seconds
second go left hand at ten feet
Move target back to 15 feet within 6 seconds
and repeat
Move target out to 20 feet using both hands and within 10 seconds.
18 rounds
multi target acquisition, speed and accuracy under a time constraint.
I love doing this drill because it covers a lot of different skills.


Glad my La-Z-Boy has wheels otherwise it would take me a while moving it around the course of fire.:grinning:


Just what I was looking for. Thanks!

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My routine for now:
5x5x5 drill: from draw 5 rounds/5 seconds/5 yards/5"circle

Mozambique x2: two to the chest/one to the head 3 yards 2 seconds

3x3: three 3" circles at random locations on a single target backing, 10 yards. One shot per circle, varying direction three times, 3 seconds each.

Five rounds @ 25 yards in 5" or 8" paper plate, not timed.

If I find a particular drill is particularly sloppy I do it until I get it right. Some days all 25 rounds are shot in the 25 yard drill, some days I’ll do Mozambique three or four times then call it a day.

Often I’ll go over my 25 round ‘limit’ until I get it right; no point it blowing through ammo if I’m not making improvements, but I usually keep it under 50 rounds a week.

PS: FWIW, I have an indoor range membership so can shoot was often as I want. I also have a reasonable stash of 9mm and an okay stash of .38 special, the two calibers I carry. I alternate between the two every other week and also practice point shooting (no sights) with .22lr regularly.

While I feel I have a decent supply I still think it’s prudent to ration from here on. I don’t think the ammo situation is going to improve in the foreseeable future and will likely get worse due to scarcity and the evolving social climate. Nonetheless, it’s better to maintain sharpened skills than to let them slip while sitting on a few cases of ammo in the basement.

I agree!

I also have the Lasrap and will use a SIRT pistol or a barrel insert laser. Dry practice drills. come from my concealed holster to one shot on target, come back into the high compressed ready, look to the left and right to practice scanning the area, look the pistol back into the holster. then relax. I set it up again my administratively removing the firearm from the holster, reset the trigger, look the gun back into the holster and reset for the drill. If I am using a sirt pistol there is not need to reset. I will do this once or twice a week. total of 10 presentations per practice session. then once a week I do the drill live fire same exact thing. Once you get steady and reliable at this then add pre draw reaction off line to the target, step to the left or right as you start your draw. if your range does not allow from the holster work start from the high compressed ready or with your gun on the table in front of you. Do it smooth the speed will come.

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When I first started carrying 15+ years ago I packed a S&W .357 snub and developed a terrible flinch. Best technique to resolve the problem AND save ammo was to randomly load two or three .38 rounds in the cylinder. Magnums in snubs is a waste of gunpowder anyway, but I was a newby.

Now I’m an oldbie but still do it just to save on ammo.

I typically use a 8.5x11 piece of paper and make 3 circles of varying size. I just used different sized cups or bowls I have around the house.

2 rounds per circle starting at 5 yards and pushing out to 25. I am shooting indoors right now so I utilize a range that allows targets to be programmed to swivel and change distance.

I run this drill with both pistol and rifle. I just adjust distances accordingly.