What's your range strategy these days?

Although ammo prices are lower than they were six months ago, they appear to be leveling out about 50% higher than pre Covid, and may go up again with the new Russian importation ban on the horizon.

Wondering how y’all have changed your training strategy to keep your skills sharp while rationing your ammo.

I still go once a week but maintain a 50-round limit through my carry gun, 70% for accuracy and 30% speed.

I try to take my AK and shotgun once a month, and also practice close quarters point shooting with my .22, maybe 50 rounds, monthly as well.

It’s easier to stay sharp than the get sharp.


Amazingly, how easy was to convert to low ammo capacity training… and still using this method.

Pandemic times taught me to focus on techniques and dry fire. I found it more valuable than live firing.
I use 3 steps learning / practice strategy:

  • step1: class under Instructors supervision

4 hr - 8 hr, mostly dry fire, draw stroke, speed and movement techniques, live fire takes max 150 rds

  • step 2: dry fire at home with laser cartridge and laser targets

15 - 20 minutes practicing drills learned at the class

  • step 3: range time- live fire

1 hr practicing drills from class within Range limitation (no holster draw, no movement) 200 - 300 rds.


I try to go to the range with a plan on what I would like to work on. I would spend most of the time doing that and use about 50 rounds, but always try to finish off with some drawing and target acquisition drills, then a few rounds strong hand and weak hand. So using about 100 rounds per trip every couple of weeks.

Then I try to participate in one or two classes a month. Also just went to my first IDPA type match and will probably attend more for the different scenarios.

I don’t do much dry fire because I don’t like to unload and reload my EDC at home other than to clean it after a trip to the range. Just me. I’m really close to convincing myself I need a second one for this purpose. Maybe when Dryfiremag finally releases a mag for a G43.


I’ve been doing more dry firing, failure drills with dummy rounds and focusing on trigger reset. Many times, my range time is spent working with others and not focusing on me.

I was able to get out on Saturday and use run through the drill of the month for awhile. Just back to basics from the High Ready (Extend, Touch, Press).

There is a lot of work that you can do with dummy rounds, SIRT pistol, Yellow or Blue guns, holster work that doesn’t require a range visit.

Stay safe out there.


I painted the base of a designated magazine green and keep it loaded with dummy rounds for dry fire. Of course I still have to unload the chambered round but rotate it to the bottom of the carry magazine every three or four times. Measured with calipers I’ve never seen any setback.

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I watched Warrior Poet Society, Reid Henrichs and Garand Thumb on YouTube and follow their low round count tutorials as best I can. More focus on movement and variation in shooting positions for the defensive training.
Some years back I realized that sometimes, the less I shot, the more I learned and better I got, and though I really don’t need to ration, this pricing madness got that philosophy back into my head. Lots of .22 these days, both pistol and rifle, body movement is the same, recoil and follow up the difference. Dang, wish I could follow up with center fire like I do with .22😆
Also, laser trainer for my 9 mm pistols, and a couple air rifles let me train at home anytime and inexpensive.
Dedicated workouts as well, running, bicycling, weights , calesthenics etc…helps at the range, no ammo required,and it’s just good for you. I find exercise and shooting both clear my mind. Run and gun.

I tried jogging once but I kept spilling my beer.


when I quit drinking I was able to buy lots of ammo…jus’ sayin’.

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I know what you mean! I stopped drinking around Thanksgiving last year and repurposed the pesos toward ammo as well.


Well now you can try running again :grin:
Congrats on quitting. 2007 for me, figured I had drank enough for this lifetime and the next two.

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I also wipe down and rotate my rounds in the primary and backup mags. Even though I have not experienced any setback issues, I mark my rounds once they’ve been chambered. After 2 times I take them out of rotation. This is how I keep all my carry ammo “fresh”. Once I have enough rounds set aside, I have a range day using just the HSTs.

I haven’t gone to the range in a while. Came down sick with this covid and also stockpiling my ammo.
I have ordered some online (against my better judgement & probably won’t anymore- leaves info out there), and when I have gone… I circle with a sharpie around various sized coin currency to see how far out I can effectively hit those black circles.
I’m focusing more on effectiveness of concentrated targeting than speed or consumption. Ammo is still too expensive.
Part of muscle discipline / hand -eye coordination is getting a round on target with disciplined focus. Don’t take all day to shoot a spot but don’t accept that anywhere within a target is acceptable. Anywhere within key areas yes good, but focus is absolute.

  1. I dry fire with a laser round at least twice a day working on fundamentals.

  2. I go to the range typically once a week, put three rounds through the gun at a time, reel the target back in, take some notes, think through what made each round do what it did. Then I add three more rounds, send the target down range and repeat.

Before ammo prices went up like a rocket I bought 2.5k rounds of 22LR. Had some medical issues, non COVID related, and am now only starting back. Since I set up a backstop in my backyard I walk out once or twice a week now and send 50 or so rounds down range once its clear of livestock. Working mostly on out, on target and one round in 1-2 seconds. I was surprised I retained the muscle memory as well as I did.

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