Keep training even with low supplies of ammunition?

With all the COVID, RIOTS, PROTEST, LOOTING, ELECTION YEAR, one has to ask…”Do I still train at the range while Ammunitions are low/unavailable?”

I’m still new to firearms. I’ve trained for about 2 years now with hand guns, got my CCW, Joined my local gun club, joined USCCA and NRA. I dry fire daily at home. I want to go to the range but I don’t want to use up all my ammo. Do I go and use it or hold it? The earliest estimated delivery date for 9mm ammo is end of October start if November.



I bought some very similar pistols to my 9’s in 22lr. I train with those.

I did make one mistake once and bought a 22lr pistol to do this and the safety switches down for safe, the opposite of EVERYTHING else I have. So, I NEVER use the thing. Could you image the muscle memory issues with this! ?


Buy ammo and train more on the Range.
9 mm available on line. Perhaps prices are not great but at least we are still in business.


95% of your draw stroke does not involve engaging the trigger.

Amateurs practice until they get it right.

Professionals practice until the CAN’T get it wrong.

NAIL each step of the draw until you can’t get it wrong.




@Fizbin Exactly the reason I picked up my new Glock 44 yesterday. Same feel and function as my other Glocks (all 9mm) but chambered in .22LR.
9mm has vanished, even online. I am currently on several “waiting lists” to purchase a few cases. Luckily I already have around 5,000 rounds in my personal stash.
But I easily purchased 5,000 rounds of good quality 22LR ammo online yesterday. .08 cents/per round. That will keep me at the range despite the lack of my “favored” round.


I would submit that you be VERY careful in how much effort you invest into using 22LR or similar as training rounds.

I was involved in a study of military tier 1 shooters, half of which used sub caliber ammo and the other half which used full house ammo. Other than gaining positive reaction time to FTF and FTE which happened A LOT. Those that trained with sub caliber ammo could NOT transition effectively to full bore weapons without considerable re-learning. Fast cycling guns with little to no recoil do not translate well to reality.

That said single shot “Bullseye” type training with sub caliber rounds is a very effective tool as it teaches follow through which is exceptionally important for follow up shots when going fast.




Dry fire! I dry fire everyday. I focus on my sights working on changing targets. I work on grip control and Finger control.
I even practice my speed draw. Be safe and practice.


Craig, good point, when the mrs and I train on our range with our moving target system…same concept!!!

Thanks to a fine mentor on this site, we started reloading and learning the proper way. Have been procuring supplies to load enough 9mm “what would scare most people”.

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IMO Dry fire should be the number one choice. Its basically free and will really help you diagnose trigger issues.

2nd choice is (if you can) train with similar firearms in a cheaper caliber. If .22 is available, run with that. Glock 44 is basically a Glock 19. There are also some caliber conversion kits. The Taurus TX22 is very similar to the Glock 19 in form factor, but the trigger is no where near the same. S&W M&P and Walther also have very comparable .22 versions of their 9mm options.

9mm is (again) pretty well sold out online. My local range had 9mm, but it was $17 for 50rnds(!) that was a hard pass from me.


tl;dr Do a lot of non-firing practice, and then still try for live fire but cut down the number of rounds dramatically.

I ran into this problem as well, particularly with 9mm. It’s been much easier to replenish .45, .40, etc. Since I just purchased a new 9mm the problem is even more pronounced as I have to burn through a fair amount of 9mm before declaring it ready for action. But the silver lining of an ammo shortage is it forces me to put in a lot more practice in other areas. Dry practice, jam clearing, and improving my draw are high on the list.

I do use other tools too. I have a wide enough range of other firearms that I don’t have to avoid live firing. I can go to .22 to practice fundamentals, and .45 (which is a primary self-defense round for me, so I practice with it regularly too) for recoil management. I have a LaserLyte training pistol, which I find an awesome training tool…I just wish they had a 1911 version. It has sights modeled on traditional Glock sights, a fairly heavy trigger that approximates a (Gen 1 in my mind) Glock, and a laser burst when it fires that lets you know where you would have hit were it real. You can very effectively practice point shooting, flash sight, and full sight acquisition as well as trigger control. If you really want to work on accuracy, you can get their reactive targets that will only activate if you hit an X-size area. I periodically grab it off my desk and “shoot” something in my office. Or practice in various areas of my downstairs. In addition to their normal Glock style model, they now have a J-Frame style model. So lots of options, but they all involve spending additional $. While buying a .22 version of your normal carry gun has many benefits, any .22 is a useful tool. So if you don’t already have a .22, and don’t have the chunk of change to duplicate your carry gun in .22 or buy the .22 of your dreams, you can probably find a good used one for a lot less than what you’ll spend on a couple of hundred rounds of quality 9mm ammo these days.

But finally, I still am burning through my 9mm ammo I just do so at a much lower rate. So instead of 100 or more rounds at a range session, I’m sticking to 1-2 magazines per session.

PS: has 500 rounds of 9mm Winchester 115gr FMJ available for $220. While perhaps neither the price you’d like to pay or the best approximation for your chosen self-defense round, it certainly allows continued practice until more preferred options come along.

.22lrs, pellet guns, dry fire, practice drawing, hand load your range ammo. There are plenty of alternatives out there for you to make do and stretch your resources as necessary.

Thank you for that Craig6. My ability never did reach anywhere near T1, but NOT sabotaging myself is always better than doing so unknowingly. At least, with the idea of approaching the target in Bullseye mode I can tighten that end up and use the standard weapon rounds for liquid trigger control.

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I have a Weihrauch .177 PCP which weighs a ton, but would build my shoulders and large muscle control… it’s just been forever since I’ve fired it unsupported. And a SIG X five CO2 which isn’t too much heavier than my P226… at the pace it would be a great ‘toner’ for one arm extended aim practiced in bullseye. Now all I have to do is backstop a wall behind a couple of tiny pellet range targets so my misses don’t dimple it too badly.

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Here in California there is an ammunition shortage. I pretty much go to the range and shoot Trap with my shotgun but I am holding back on my 9mm for now. I have gone on-line and found out there is a shortage of primers. I dry-fire train, I use a Sirt Pistol or a laser bullet in my firearms with or without laser apps… In the Free States you can’t buy a Glock 44 but not in California yet. I also understand there has been issues with the Glock 44 , I was thinking of buying a Advantage Arms 22cal slide for my Glock, they have had good reviews, I can still buy one in California.


I can’t find any 9mm online its all sold out back ordered. links to things available please.

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Believe me, it’s not just California. It’s everywhere.

Excellent choice.

The real issue was the over-hyped marketing by Glock. I have the 44, you would love it.


@Jiffer you are not alone. I am on a “waiting list” with two suppliers for cases of 9mm. They both estimate delivery in… are you ready?.. October! Eeek.


The best source to start is GunBroker.
You can buy either there or look for seller’s original website.

Recently I’ve bought 1000 of Blazer Brass for $359 delivered.


I’m on 20 waiting list for 9mm. I have two orders confirmed for September so I should be getting 4k rounds then another 4k in October