What are your typical range practice drills?

I tend to rehearse two 5x5x5 drills cold, then 10 rounds at 15-20 yards for accuracy, then multiple (2) targets @ three-five yards and one-hand at five-seven yards, every time I go to the range. This is my base line, mostly to keep my skills sharpened, a couple times a week.

Can’t draw from holster at my indoor range by the targets can be programmed to turn from one second on.


With my students I use a combination (depending on individual skill levels) of the drills shown in the attached “Basic CC Skills”. For myself I generally use “dot torture” or the attached “Basic Shooting Drill.”

Basic Shooting Drill.pdf (53.9 KB)

Basic CC Skills.pdf (834.0 KB)


I checked them out @Larry130, not bad brother. :+1: :+1:

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If you call pull of those puppies you have a right to feel proud. :hugs:

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I like:

Vickers/Hackathorn “The Test” NRA B8 (5.5" circle) at 10 yards. Basic passing is 10 rounds in 10 seconds all in the black, for a challenge, how fast can you get a passing score (my record with a carry gun is in the 6 second range)

Dot Torture: To remember I need to focus on accuracy and WHO again because dot torture reveals a lot we don’t like to see

3x5 walkback: 3"x5" index card taped up horizontal, 3 rounds per yard line starting close and going back 1 yard at a time, slow fire but 3 round strings without breaking sight picture at each yard line. How far can you go without dropping a shot

Mozambique/failure to stop: Two to the A/-0 and 1 in to the eyebox from the draw usually at 5-7 yards.

And just general shooting of appropriately sized targets at 5-10 yards two handed, Strong Hand Only, and Weak Hand Only.

I also like to use the USCCA targets or similar with the different 3" circles at 7 yards and transition as quickly as possible between the different 3" circles



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Pistol ranges at my club are getting expanded, so pistol is getting shot at the bench-rest oriented rifle range at present. Pistol, I move a couple benches away, and have been doing holster draw generally from concealment, 1-3 shots, a couple paper targets set up, generally 10-15 yards. For grins and giggles and just shooting, steel at 100, fortunately the berm is at a consistency lately where I can see my misses and hits are a hoot, Glock 43 rang it a couple times last Thursday. Rifle, lately I’ve been finding myself shooting offhand more and more lately, generally 2-4 steel targets and 1-2 paper at anywhere from 25-300 yards.
I always felt my offhand shooting could use a lot of improvement (thanks Hickok45 :heart_eyes:) and it has been coming along nicely. Steel at 300 is a rare hit, cripe I can barely see it, but 200 going pretty well. Weight training and lighter guns… :metal: Low ready to multi target at 25-100, taking my time at 2-300.

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Lately I’ve been doing a awful lot of off hand stuff. No specific reason other than I felt like I had ignored it for too long and need to get better left handed.

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The last few weeks my buddies and I have been practicing the old Bakersfield PD 10 round qualification. Here’s a link.


What is the one where you shoot 10 rounds and try to make a small hole at 12 feet?
then at twelve feet I practice point shooting.
dot torture test is another then I have a variety of qualifications that I do periodically to check any improvement or where I have been slacking.
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Shooting the USMC Pistol Qualification: Combat Pistol Program (CPP) – rifleshooter.com

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