Favorite Shooting Drill to Test Your Skills -GO!

I picked up the Burnett Live Fire Drill Card set suggested by @KevinM, and I run the drills in Dry Fire sessions at home. If you are looking for some new ways to challenge yourself, I recommend them highly.

As I’m always looking to improve, I’d like to know what drills others are using to challenge themselves. So, what are you shooting?

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On the range, Dot Torture and the 5x5 Drill.

Dot Torture is a butt kicker!

Here’s my file of printable targets and drills.

PS - I’m always adding to it.


Thank you!!!


Just got the dry fire cards, haven’t started using them yet. I might look at those today.
I’ve been working on getting tighter groups… I put 9 holes in a target spread like your phone keypad, then I work on shoot-the-hole. Aim small, miss small.
Sometimes I shoot all 9 spots at one distance, sometimes I move the target back a yard for each spot.


I definitely need to get back into a more proactive mode as I’ve backed off alot of training and practicing lately. A drill that Mike Seeklander (ShootingPerformance) had shared that I saved was the 5x5x5 drill and I liked using that one to gauge my progress back in the day.