Favorite range drill

my favorite drill is el pres. would love to know what drills people like to do at the range

I do not have a single favorite, always do these together at the range:
Dot Torture
6-6-6 drill
10-10-10 drill
Mozambique drill (only to check my accuracy, I don’t want the shot combination to be my habit)

Short range drill with simulated weapons jams shooting at paper plates and playing cards at 1-5 yards Plate is center of target with a card placed at 12 and another at 3 or 9. 2 mags with 5 rounds each except on has a dummy. 5 rounds in to the plate and 2 rounds in each of the cards.

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@MikeBKY: I like the idea with dummy round :+1:

It’s best to have someone else load the magazines so you aren’t anticipating it at a specific point.

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Dot Torture is my favorite, bar none. Some day I hope to get it at 25yds. :smiley: