Training when you can't go to the range


I have a hectic schedule, i travel alot. Even when I’m home, life and errands keep me and my wife pretty busy, so it’s not always easy to commit to going to the range to do some practice.
Depending on where I’m traveling to I usually bring my edc and occasionally get out to a range near me. But other times I do what I can to keep mucle memory and other skills.
Dry fire, reload, holster and draw are my main “in home” drills.
What are other drills one can do while inside?

Training when not on the range

I like to field strip as fast as I can. Know your weapon.


I train at home almost every day, even if it’s only a few minutes. Sounds like you do a lot of what I do, drawing from holster, getting on target, sight picture acquisition, etc. Only thing I can add is one handed draw as well as one handed reloads, both strong and weak handed (empty mags) racking the slide on a belt or pants, as if your dominant hand is injured.


Off-hand/injured hand practice is definitely something i need to work on.
Also i use a neo-mag spare mag holder which takes a bit of practice.


I bought some of the dry fire training cards, they’re actually pretty cool. There’s a lot of drills that seem to help with stress and marksmanship. I don’t have a link but you can Google them and check it out.


I’ve thought of buying the live fire training cards. Never knew there were dry fire cards. Another thing I do is draw and aim at the people on the TV. Provides for moving targets and you need to pick out who’s the bad guy/gal and pull a shot off.


I’m sure you clear your gun or use a SIRT pistol type of training tool when you aim at your TV, @Kerryman71! I’ve heard of people having an “oops” moment and shooting their TV by accident. Better than some other “oops” but still one I’d hate to do! :tv:


OH! That gives me an idea! Joking! Maybe! I hate the TV my hubby bought! I use the Itarget to train when I can’t get to the range.

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If he asks us about it on the Community, we will all have to plead the 5th, @TWeinzerl! :laughing:

I think that TV should go in his man cave and you should get one you like. Much cheaper and less paperwork with the police when you fire your gun in your home.

Yes, this is all meant tongue in cheek. LOL!

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Yes, of course. Any time I’m handling the weapon for cleaning, dry firing, showing it to someone etc. I unload it, putting all loaded mags and ammo in the safe. I then rack the slide about three more times to make sure the weapon is clear. If there’s even just a few minute delay in me doing a drill, I find myself checking once again to make sure it’s clear.


Do you put the live ammo in another room, @Kerryman71? That’s something we suggest to do. Muscle memory is very strong and picking up a magazine to load a firearm is a deep memory for us all.


I generally do, but either way, it’s locked in the safe. I’d have to take it out from the safe to reload. For instance, when I’m cleaning it, the safe is in the same room but everything is locked up in it. I couldn’t just pick a loaded mag up and put it in the gun without making a very conscious effort to do so, and any time I’m training or cleaning it I’m usually home alone or my family members are told what I’m doing, where I am in the house and to not bother me.


This is a good place to start. Everyone knows that you can purchase and get some free wonderful training, such as Books, Videos, Booklets, find the Best Instructors to help you in your quest for an upgrade education in Firearms Training, Self Defense, and Home Defense. There are areas in First Aid and a large place for people that just seeking the Fundamentals and Safety Courses. I know that I can not spend 29 days at a time on the range, respectfully, I do not desire to, but I stay busy a few days a week in good USCCA books, video, and/or learning from others, such as yourselves. I help other people learn to grow in security for their homes and churches with this important information, materials, and growth; we all grow together. Give it a try and help others and find out. Thank You, William Smith


I have the luxury of being able to shoot in my yard. I have three steel target stations and one paper target stations. Since I don’t have to go anywhere, I have more flexibility in my shooting schedule. I have a habit of doing 25 Draw/Aim/Re-Holster Drill cycles everyday before I disarm. I also always have my Glock on the ottoman in front of me while watching tv at night. I routinely pick up my pistol and walk through my house with the pistol up, :eye: on my front sight. Don’t worry, it’s just me and my Wife at home. During my dry fire training I do separate my mag and the chamber round.


dry fire failure drills with snap caps are good.
I have a SIRT-type pistol and laser targets that illuminate, that’s rewarding and definitely works on your accuracy.

I do a dozen shots strong and weak hand with the laser gun as soon as I wake up before I even get out of bed - works on tuning up skills when you’re groggy or awakened.

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