How do you setup your dry fire training at home?


We’ve had a bunch of mini-conversations about dry fire practice throughout the Community so far.

How do you set up your dry fire training area?

How often do you clean your firearm?

I check my gun, unload a magazine, put it in the firearm, check that I don’t see nickle or brass and practice drawing and firing pointed at a window. Behind that window is a wooded swamp.

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I never dry fire any of my front line or EDC firearms. Just my opinion as a machinist it does produce stresses on the workings of the weapon. I have purchased cheaper used firearms that I use only for dry fire. As a retired owner of a home improvement company I would keep old doors, windows and build walls making Hollywood type buildings and then call my friends. We would come up with all kinds of scenarios and have a great time yet learning and retaining new skills. With a lot of my friends being LEO’s, first responders and military it gets powerfully real fast using loud music war sounds and believe me we are drained physically and emotionally. That’s the biggest task can you complete the engagement to its end. It’s harder than most believe. If you don’t understand how to practice dry fire ask questions for it is truly a good way to build your skills and build the muscle memory you need.

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I drop my mag, rack the slide to eject the chambered round and place all mags and ammo in my safe. As a side note, anytime I rack the slide after catching the chambered round, I rack it at least three or four more times.

I’ll then reholster the weapon and do a series of draws and aiming, a bunch of times just for sight acquisition, then move onto scenarios. I’ll also draw single handed, both dominant and non dominant, and will transition from two handed dominant to two handed non dominant on the move. Using empty magazines, I’ll do reloads both hands, then single handed.

I’ll also do wall drills dry firing and I actually will dry fire at the TV with something on. It helps maintaining sights on a moving target.

All this is done with a safe backdrop involved and no one who could cross in front of me. I often find that even after preparing for safe dry firing, the first time I go to pull the trigger I rack the slide one more time, just for good luck!


Just some a interesting side note, do you know why people are taught to rack the slide a 3-4 times to show clear? Because even with a broken extractor, you can still generate enough pull to force the casing out of the gun. I just learned that the other day. I don’t know if it’s basic info or not, but nobody ever told me.


I was not aware of that. Good to know.

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I mean I guess that might not be the only reason, but it makes sense.

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I purchased a laser cartridge. I love the feedback you get seeing a solid steady dot flash vs. a streak if you have bad trigger and grip control. I load the laser cartridge and manually press the switch in the chamber to see the laser flash and verify it is a laser cartridge. I started tieing a yellow ribbon around the grip to signify a cleared weapon as well. I have some targets that I Downloaded from Sage Dynamics to practice hitting the cranial vault and major organs that will stop the threat as quickly as possible.

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