When do you train?

What day of the week are you most likely to go to the range?

  • Sunday
  • Monday
  • Tuesday
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday
  • Friday
  • Saturday
  • Any day that ends in Y and I have ammo

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What’s your deciding factor for which day of the week to go to the range?

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My deciding factor - I’m not working and the range is open. That’s generally Sunday.


Any weekday evening after work, or earlier if no work.
Weekends and Holidays are Family days, no range those days, classes only permitted.

Deciding factor? I don’t have one. I shoot when I feel I need it… It is like alcoholism… :wink: :yum:



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I will go when I can but, Wednesday is my Monday and the range is not as busy as it is on the weekends. Though last Wednesday everybody eye balling me as I go in to go shooting like, HOW DARE YOU! Laser training is everyday but visits to my moms property is always a must do so I can check out my loads fps.
Wednesday used to be steel target competition but. they have cancelled it because of ammo shortage.


When it’s not raining hard and usually working with one of my weapons.

I have my own range onsite, out to 100-150 yards. Also intermediate distance for concealed carry weapons.

I like to be the only one there so I go at times that may be inconvenient for others.

I arrive when they open, get an end bay, and finish before the crowds.


Monday is my day off, that everyone else is at work or school. Beyond that, Saturday is when it’s a “family” range day.

We work M-F, every other Saturday we have our grandkids.

Pre Covid we would shoot then go to Sunday brunch at a place near the airport and watch the planes taxi to take off or land and taxi in. As we’re open again for outdoor dining, maybe we can get back to this.

I’m now having the last weekend of the month where I train with a group, it could be either Saturday or a Sunday.


I didn’t use to have a schedule, but lately I’ve been attending Threat Focus classes at my range that are held on Saturdays after the range closes.

When attending, I normally come early, shoot a few, hang out until range closes, help with cleaning the range (they let me pickup brass) and setup, then attend the class.

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We usually go on Mondays as hubby and I both have that day off, and it’s a members only day. I also like to do in home dry fire practice too.

I’m happy to say I just got back. Only put about 100 rounds total down range but practised quite a few different things.

In all about 2 hours of quality me time counting cleaning them both after.

I’ve always trained, I will always train, I am currently training, I am training.

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After years of training, I generally shoot better by feel than using the sites. I shouldn’t even bother with range ammo…

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I believe a responsible carrier will train whenever they can. Even if it’s not with a gun. Maybe train on bettering your awareness. Maybe just thinking about certain situations and how you can get out of them and what can pop up.I believe you don’t have to have a gun to train to defend yourself. Learn how to defend yourself with a rock. Just in case your gun jams.

Training is just about the mental as much as it’s about to physical.


I would most likely go on a Saturday, however, my range membership allows me to shoot “for free” any day of the week. The issue is, and will continue to be, ammo. I train at home with my laser cartridge every other day though.

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I go on the light traffic days…usually the early days of the week. I like to get in & get out. Sometimes, there’s a weird vibe in that place to me.


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Monday is senior day. Half price.