Zip Targets Zip Range


Something we don’t practice enough on, moving targets. :+1:

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That’s a nice setup. I was hoping the target could be automatically sent left and right, however. Version 2.0 maybe?


Would be sweet with a randomized start timer and random left right movements.

I was gonna do a ghetto set up with a target stand on a wagon and pulley system pulled by a friend behind me.

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It will last as long as you do not shoot any parts of it! A little range experience.


My experience with this kind of target was during my black powder days. The rigs were usually homemade using scavenged heavy duty industrial door rollers and wire cables. Most common targets would be silhouettes of various animals. The greater the distance, the larger the critter. The best one I ever saw used gravity to run the target and a bumper style winch to rewind it. A project was in the works to motorize it in both directions but the club disbanded before it was completed.

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Get it swinging with the 22. ( pat. pending )


A low tech alternative, I made one of these and it works really well if you have someone you trust and who trusts you to train with and a place to shoot. :+1: This is much more interactive and reactive.
The target system is at 0.24 and 3.36 of the video. :us: